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Thailand Braces for Sweltering Heatwave: Forecast Warns of Soaring April-May Temperatures

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Imagine wandering through the bustling streets of Thailand, the sun casting its relentless glow over the majestic Temple of the Emerald Buddha, also known as Wat Phra Kaeo. There you are, on a vibrant day in late April, following a tour guide with a group of eager tourists, all navigating the heated embrace of Na Phra Lan Road’s sunshine. The scene, captured in a striking photo by Apichart Jinakul, is a testament to the allure and the challenge of exploring Thailand in the peak of its summer heat.

But the heat is not just a backdrop for picturesque tourist moments. The Thai Meteorological Department (TMD) has issued a warning: the mercury is on a relentless climb, promising an extended period of sweltering days until the month bids adieu. This is not your average summer sizzle. According to the TMD, from April 28 to May 7, Thailand is set to experience temperatures that will make even the most heat-hardened locals take notice.

In a climatic plot twist, the period from April 28 to May 2 is expected to be particularly scorching, with little to no rain to offer a reprieve, except perhaps a light drizzle around the Andaman Sea’s serene coasts. The narrative takes a turn come May 3, when the winds of change – quite literally – bring rain clouds rolling into the Northeast and East. This shift heralds a welcome moderation in temperatures, turning the page on an excessively warm chapter.

For those not familiar with Thailand’s weather rhythms, the TMD offers a brief primer: summer here stretches from mid-February to mid-May, a time when the sun’s rays, unimpeded, shine directly down, especially fervent in April. Positioned near the equator, Thailand receives a full dosage of solar attention, pushing temperatures beyond the 40°C mark, enveloping the country in a blanket of heat.

However, relief is on the horizon. From May to October, the southwest monsoon steps onto the stage, bringing with it increased rainfall that dances across the country, tempering the heat. The performance of rain and humidity in September even promises to lower the temperature curtain, offering a much-needed respite.

The TMD recently spotlighted Sunday’s temperature highs: the northern regions flirted with 39-44°C, the northeast simmered at 42-44°C, the central plains matched the north’s heat range, and the east coast basked in a slightly cooler 35-42°C. The southern territories varied, with the eastern areas hitting 35-41°C and the western fronts enjoying a modest 35-38°C. Bangkok and its neighbors weren’t spared, enduring 35-42°C.

In a compelling twist, Seree Supratid, the esteemed director of the Climate Change and Disaster Centre at Rangsit University, took to Facebook to share a forecast that captures the imagination. He predicts that the nation’s thermal narrative will intensify until the second week of the next month before gradually descending in June. But, in a nod to a larger, global storyline, Mr. Seree underscores a critical plot point: global temperatures are on an upward trajectory, fueled by humanity’s fossil fuel consumption.

Adding an element of suspense to Thailand’s weather saga, Mr. Seree forecasts up to 18 tropical storms from May to October. This prediction sets the stage for an epic season of dramatic weather shifts, highlighting the dynamic interplay between the natural world and the human experience in this enchanting land.

As we observe, analyze, and live through these climatic changes, Thailand’s weather story unfolds like a compelling narrative, complete with heroes, villains, and a hopeful quest for balance. So, whether you’re a local weathering the storm or a traveler drawn to Thailand’s myriad charms, the coming months promise a journey filled with challenge, change, and the constant, enduring beauty of this vibrant country.


  1. JamesT April 28, 2024

    This just shows that climate change is escalating more rapidly than we expected. Global warming isn’t a distant threat, it’s happening now, and soaring temperatures in places like Thailand are clear indicators. We need urgent action!

    • Sara_K April 28, 2024

      Absolutely agree, JamesT. But how many warnings do we need before significant action is taken? It feels like these reports come in, everyone’s alarmed for a day, and then it’s back to business as usual.

      • TechGuy April 28, 2024

        The problem is bigger than individual action. What we really need is for governments and large corporations to step up. Until then, little will change, unfortunately.

    • JamesT April 28, 2024

      True, Sara_K and TechGuy. It’s the systemic changes that would make the most difference. But it’s also on us to push those bodies for the change we want to see.

  2. OldTimer April 28, 2024

    I’ve lived in Thailand for 30 years and never experienced heat like this. It used to be bearable, but now it’s just too much. I worry about the elderly and those without proper air conditioning.

    • LizzyQ April 28, 2024

      It’s heartbreaking. The most vulnerable populations always seem to bear the brunt of these changes. There has to be a way to ensure people have access to cooling centers or other forms of relief during these heatwaves.

  3. EcoWarrior April 28, 2024

    While this is alarming, it’s a powerful reminder of the impact of our choices on the environment. We need to pivot towards sustainable living, renewable energy, and reduce our carbon footprint now more than ever.

  4. Hank_the_bank April 28, 2024

    I don’t get the fuss. It’s hot, sure, but every summer seems to bring some kind of heat record. People just need to stay hydrated and stay indoors. Not everything is a crisis.

    • GreenFingers April 28, 2024

      You’re missing the point, Hank. It’s not about one hot summer. It’s about a consistent pattern of increasing temperatures, which affects agriculture, economies, and ecosystems globally. It’s a huge deal.

  5. GlobalNomad April 28, 2024

    Just came back from Thailand, and the heat was almost unbearable. Tourism will definitely take a hit if this continues. The Thai government needs to consider this in their long-term planning.

  6. ScienceBuff April 28, 2024

    Respect to Seree Supratid for keeping the conversation on global warming alive. It’s crucial to have voices in academia highlight how local climate phenomena are part of a global pattern.

    • HistoryLover April 28, 2024

      It’s interesting to see how weather patterns are shifting over the years. Makes me wonder how climate change will be looked upon by future historians.

      • ScienceBuff April 28, 2024

        Great point, HistoryLover. It’ll either be seen as a turning point where we acted to save our planet or a period of gross negligence. Let’s hope for the former.

  7. TravelBug April 28, 2024

    Does anyone have tips for staying cool while touring Thailand in these temperatures? Planning a trip and now I’m a bit worried.

    • FrequentFlyer April 28, 2024

      Light clothing, lots of water, and try to schedule outdoor activities for early morning or late afternoon. Most importantly, listen to your body and take breaks often!

      • TravelBug April 28, 2024

        Thanks for the advice, FrequentFlyer! Definitely will keep this in mind. Hopefully, it’ll make the trip more enjoyable despite the heat.

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