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Thailand intends to use used cooking oil to manufacture jet fuel nationwide

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Thai used cooking oil will be required if the company is to be successful. According to Chaiwat, the BCP is working with Italian companies to develop technologies that will transform used cooking oil into jet fuel. According to Chaiwat, Bangchak has an advantage. “BCP benefits from the chemical hydrogen created during the distillation process in this project. Hydrogen can be used to purify used vegetable oil to produce “Biojet” fuel. Because we aren’t starting from scratch, the project is less expensive. Representatives from BCP, BBGI Plc, and Thanachok Oil Light joined forces to sign the required paperwork to make their idea of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) a reality. The Thai food industry, particularly the numerous fast food restaurants, will also be gathering discarded cooking oil. BCP will hold 51% of the company’s shares, followed by BBGI (20%) and Thanachok Oil Light (29%). The food business generates around 17 million liters of wasted cooking oil each month, which is sufficient to manufacture 1,000 liters of bio-jet fuel per day. If everything goes as planned, the device might start selling as early as Q4 2024. In April, an Airbus A380 completed a three-hour flight using just one engine and sustainable aviation fuel manufactured from used cooking oil and other fats.

The project, which would get an initial investment of eight to ten billion baht, will be the first of its sort in Thailand, according to Chief Executive Officer and President of BCP Chaiwat Kovavisarat. At 2,000 locations across the country, the general public will be encouraged to bring their used cooking oil so they may either sell it to Bangchak or exchange it for more oil. A 10-billion-baht investment in a Thai project to produce aviation fuel from wasted cooking oil has been made public by Bangchak Corporation Plc (BCP).

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