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Thailand Unveils Food of the Future: Unthinkable Innovations Set to Revolutionize How We Eat – Prepare for a Gastronomic Shock!

At the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre (QSNCC), in its annual “Future Food Workshop”, a new frontier in the food industry was showcased. Innovators and researchers unleashed their creations under three ecstatic themes: Personalised Food, Alternative Protein, and a term titled Asian Wisdom. This ushers in a wave of new-age food products with an emphasis on environment-friendly alternatives to traditional, and often detrimental, meat farming practices.

A distinctive insight into Thailand’s progressive sector was provided at the “Future Food Ideation Workshop by Tastebud Lab”, the grand inauguration for the event spanning from September 20 to 22. The workshop was a vivid demonstration of the significant strides Thailand is making in this space.

Phontakorn Wongcharoen, the esteemed vice president of Betagro Food Innovation Centre, introduced key insights into the dynamics of future food development. While Thai businesses depend heavily on imported technologies that burden the budget, Phontakorn offers hope in the thriving collaborations among companies and startups. These collaborations aim to foster domestic technologies for the imminent phase in future food development, offering new possibilities and conservation of resources.

Apart from plant-based products, Phontakorn spotlighted the progressive strides into unconventional territories like protein acquisition from chickens and eggs, and future-facing ingredients and technologies. To continue enhancing this innovation, he called on the government for support, recommending collaborations between educational institutions and the private sector.

When Andrew Brennan, Asia’s manager of Marigot Ltd, took to the stage, he extolled the abundant natural and human resources in Thailand contributing to the formation of the future food industry. He emphasized the need to design innovative food products that impeccably embody their natural origins.

Brennan expressed his conviction that the potential borne from Thai ingredients and technology was infinite. He took the audience’s attention to the development of plant-based milk varieties, a testament to Thai innovation, now a common sight on the country’s supermarket shelves.

Pongpan Saivanich, the CEO of Greenday Global Co, echoed Brennan’s sentiments. He advocated for maximizing the usage of natural ingredients, a treasure trove that can be tapped to produce futuristic, sustainable food products.

Meanwhile, Peeraya Padakunlapat, product development manager at Mark One Innovation Centre Co, emphasized the need for a comprehensive approach. She called for the development of future food in sync with environmental preservation, achieving sustainability, and propelling economic growth. Future food ought to be more accessible and wallet-friendly, she maintained, highlighting the need for deeper research into local products to enhance Thailand’s soft power and boost the economy.

Kulthida Kanpittaya, the noted food influencer at Guinhungry, advocated the crucial role of future food in promoting sustainability in Thailand. However, she reiterated the need to broaden its reach to the general market. She urged food and beverage developers to join forces with influencers like herself to generate public awareness about future foods. Khunpitaya also underscored the need to mobilize community eateries and cafes, encouraging them to offer future foods on their menus, testament to their commitment to this essential movement.

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