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Thailand Wellness Asia Summit 2024: Key Highlights and Future Announcements

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Thailand, in a dazzling display of its growing influence in the wellness industry, successfully played host to the third annual Thailand Wellness Asia Summit (TWAS) in 2024. With the lush backdrop of the Intercontinental Hotel in Bangkok, the event ran from June 11 to June 14, drawing wellness enthusiasts and professionals from over 30 countries—totaling an impressive 1,000 attendees.

This year’s summit was particularly noteworthy due to the powerful collaboration between China and Thailand, headlined by key figures like Dr. Jia Xiao Fang, President of UNSDG World Federation, and influential CEOs from renowned institutions including Minor International Group, Bumrungrad International Hospital, BDMS Wellness Clinic & Wellness Resort, Bicaro Holding (M) Sdn Bhd, and the Thailand National Charter of Health.


The opening ceremony was a grand affair with distinguished speeches and honored guests that set the tone for an enriching event. Present were notable personalities such as:

  • Mr. Jacky Ong, Chairperson of the 3rd TWAS 2024, Founder and Chairman of CISW Holding Group
  • Dr. Kampon Sriwatanakul, Chairman of Thailand National Charter of Health, Co-Chairperson of the 3rd TWAS 2024
  • Dr. Jia Xiao Fang, President of UNSDG World Federation, Co-Chairperson of the 3rd TWAS 2024
  • Mr. Desmond Lim Chit Ban, CEO and Mr. Calvin Choo, COO of Bicaro Holding (M) Sdn Bhd
  • Mrs. Artirat Charukitipipat, CEO of Bumrungrad International Hospital
  • Mr. Kitti Pornsiwakit, Representative of Tourism Council of Thailand – Director

Joined by Sponsors and Supporters of TWAS 2024

The event was magnified by the generosity and support of its sponsors, including:

  • Prof. Dato’ Sri Dr. Mike Chan, Chairman/Scientist, European Wellness Biomedical Group, Main Support
  • Dr. Sisopa Riwatthana, Public Relations, Bio Consult Co., Ltd., Co-Main Sponsor
  • Mr. Kraisorn Voradithi, MD, Voradithi Medical Cannabis Clinic, Platinum Sponsor
  • Dr. Richard Kaszynski, Senior Advisor, Regenerative Medicine, Senshin Clinic, JSMHD Group, Gold A Sponsor
  • Dr. Michael Tan, Founder of Life Research Wellness Pte Ltd, Gold A Sponsor
  • Dr. Teerawat Srinakarin, CEO/Director, Physician, Ratchaphruek Hospital PCL, Silver Sponsor


The summit offered a plethora of activities ranging from enriching seminars and panel discussions to hands-on workshops and expansive exhibition booths. These events showcased the latest advancements and breakthroughs in health and wellness. Organizers like Minor International and the Thailand National Charter of Health, alongside notable sponsors, transformed the summit into an engaging and knowledge-packed experience.


One of the most anticipated features of the summit was the gala networking dinners, where distinguished guests and leaders in the medical wellness sector were honored. The TWAS Top 5 Global Wellness Leadership Awards Ceremony on June 11 showcased stellar contributions, including:

  • Best Contribution to Global Wellness Hospitality Tourism: Mr. William Ellwood Heinecke, Chairman of the Board, Chairman of Executive Management Committee, Minor International
  • Best Contribution to Global Sustainable Health Tourism: President of UNSDG World Federation Co-Chairperson of the 3rd TWAS 2024
  • Best Global Medical Tourism Hospital: Mrs. Artirat Charukitipipat, CEO of Bumrungrad International Hospital
  • Best Global Wellness Clinic in Integrated Health Excellence: Dr. Tanupol Virunhagarun, MD, CEO of BDMS Wellness Clinic and BDMS Wellness Resort
  • Best Contribution to Global Health Development: Dr. Richard Kaszynski, Senior Advisor, Regenerative Medicine, Senshin Clinic, JSMHD Group

TWAS Asia Medical Health & Wellness Tourism Leadership Awards Ceremony (June 12)

  • Best Advocate for Medical and Wellness Tourism in Asia: Dr. med. Prapa Wongphaet, President of the Thai Medical and Wellness Tourism Association
  • Best Visionary in Spa and Wellness Excellence: Sandie Johannessen, Group Director of Spa and Wellness, Asia, Minor International
  • Best Global Healing Hospital: Teerawat Srinakarin, M.D., CEO of Ratchaphruek Hospital
  • Best Mental Wellness Retreat: Ms. Phornsan Phornprapha, President & Founder of iRetreat Private Sanctuary
  • Best Cannabis Agriculture Tourism and Medical Treatment: Calvin Choo Chee Hwee, COO of Bicaro Holding
  • Best Contribution to Preventive Healthcare: Dr. Kobkan Junhasavasdikul, MD, International Preventive Medicine Specialist, Working Group Member at the Thai Medical and Wellness Tourism Association, and Head of Business Development at Vimut Hospital
  • Best Contribution to Integrative Wellness: Dr. Tipatat Junhasavasdikul, MD, International Preventive Medicine Specialist and Working Group Member at the Thai Medical and Wellness Tourism Association
  • Best Contribution to Wellness Tourism: Suwadee Pachariyangkun, Managing Director, Universal Travel Link & Services Co., Ltd., Advisory Committee, Wellness of the World Co., Ltd., Secretary General, Thai Medical and Wellness Tourism Association
  • Best Contribution to Global Wellness Education: European Wellness Academy
  • Best Contribution to Health Care Innovation: Health Link Clinic
  • Best Contribution to Asia Wellness Business Connectivity and Network: Mrs. Nguyen Thi Nhung, Founder of MP1 Cosmeceuticals JSC
  • Best Contribution to Asia Wellness Business Connectivity and Network: Mrs. Nguyen Kim Trang, CEO of Andola Aesthetic Institute Luna Co., Ltd.


With the success of TWAS 2024, the organizers are thrilled to announce the forthcoming Thailand Wellness Global Summit 2025, scheduled from June 11 to June 14, 2025, once again at the Intercontinental Hotel, Bangkok. This upcoming event promises to build on the achievements of this year’s summit, providing another unrivaled platform for industry leaders to connect and innovate.

Mark your calendars for an exciting journey towards a healthier future at the Thailand Wellness Asia Summit 2024 and the remarkable Thailand Wellness Global Summit 2025. Stay tuned for more details and join us on this transformative journey.

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  1. Alice W. June 14, 2024

    It’s fascinating how Thailand is positioning itself as a global hub for wellness. But why does it seem like only the elite can afford to attend these events?

    • Richard Yang June 14, 2024

      Well, the presence of influential figures and high-profile sponsors means these events need substantial funding. It’s not just about exclusivity; it’s about quality too.

      • Alice W. June 14, 2024

        I get that, but wellness should be accessible to everyone, not just a marketing gig for the big names. What’s the point if regular people can’t benefit from it?

      • Nutsha S. June 14, 2024

        Accessibility is indeed crucial. But these summits often lead to policy changes and new programs that trickle down to the general public eventually.

  2. WellnessGuru99 June 14, 2024

    Thailand Wellness Asia Summit? More like a chance for big corporations to pat themselves on the back.

    • Linda H. June 14, 2024

      That’s a bit harsh. These summits showcase cutting-edge wellness innovations and promote global collaboration. There are real benefits.

    • Dr. J June 14, 2024

      I agree with Linda. The summit is an opportunity to share groundbreaking wellness solutions that can improve lives worldwide.

  3. Thomas Nguyen June 14, 2024

    The collaboration between China and Thailand could bring significant advancements in wellness tourism. This partnership is something to watch.

  4. Sonal Jaiswal June 14, 2024

    So many awards and fancy dinners. Is that really necessary? Seems like a show rather than an earnest attempt at bettering wellness.

    • grower134 June 14, 2024

      These events boost morale and recognize significant contributions. It motivates others in the industry to aim higher.

    • Sonal Jaiswal June 14, 2024

      I suppose that’s true. Still, I hope the focus remains on genuine wellness advancements and not just accolades.

  5. EcoEnthusiast June 14, 2024

    Glad to see more wellness initiatives, but what about environmental impact? These grand events can leave quite a footprint.

  6. James Kim June 14, 2024

    Why is it that developing countries are leading the way in global wellness? Shouldn’t the so-called developed nations be setting an example?

    • Amanda P. June 14, 2024

      Good point, James. Maybe it’s because these countries are still closely connected to their traditional wellness practices and value holistic approaches more than Western medicine.

    • James Kim June 14, 2024

      True, and sometimes innovation comes from necessity. Developing countries may need to be more creative with their solutions.

  7. greenlover June 14, 2024

    I hope the event covered sustainable practices in wellness. Our health is deeply connected to the environment.

    • Esther H. June 14, 2024

      Absolutely. Advances in wellness are pointless if they harm the planet!

    • greenlover June 14, 2024

      Exactly. I’d like to see more eco-friendly initiatives highlighted at these summits.

  8. Wanderlust23 June 14, 2024

    The potential impact on tourism is massive. Thailand could become the go-to destination for wellness retreats.

  9. Paul M. June 14, 2024

    The acknowledgment of leaders in the industry is great, but wasn’t there too much focus on certain regions only?

    • Kim D. June 14, 2024

      It’s not that there’s too much focus; it’s just that these regions are leading in innovations right now. Others will catch up.

    • Paul M. June 14, 2024

      Fair point, but it would be nice to see a more balanced representation in these global events.

  10. WellBeing101 June 14, 2024

    Interesting to see the rise of medical cannabis in wellness tourism. It’s about time Asia caught up with this trend.

  11. Henry B. June 14, 2024

    What’s with all the ceremonies and awards? It feels like a distraction from the real issues.

  12. Katy L. June 14, 2024

    I attended the summit, and it was really informative. However, the ticket prices are indeed high, making it not accessible for everyone.

    • GrowMore June 14, 2024

      Glad to hear it was informative. Hopefully, future events can offer scholarships or lower-cost options.

    • Katy L. June 14, 2024

      Indeed, that would make it more inclusive for sure.

  13. JustTrying June 14, 2024

    How do these events actually benefit people who cannot attend? Seems like the knowledge is siloed among the elite.

  14. Dr. Kamal June 14, 2024

    The announcements for 2025 are exciting, but Thailand needs to ensure that these summits lead to concrete actions and not just discussions.

    • John D. June 14, 2024

      Agreed. Promises are easy to make, but the real challenge is in the execution.

    • Dr. Kamal June 14, 2024

      Let’s hope they deliver on their promises. The wellness world needs real change.

  15. HealthyAlice June 14, 2024

    The engagement from over 30 countries is impressive. This summit definitely placed Thailand on the wellness map!

  16. Michael T. June 14, 2024

    The announcement of the Thailand Wellness Global Summit 2025 is thrilling. I can’t wait to see what new developments are on the horizon!

  17. Sarah June 14, 2024

    I just hope these wellness trends don’t overshadow the importance of accessible healthcare for everyone.

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