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Thailand will see widespread flash flooding

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Noru has already departed from the Philippines and is currently traveling through the South China Sea at a speed of 25 kilometers per hour. Tomorrow, Noru is forecast to touch down in Vietnam, and on Thursday, it is anticipated that it will arrive in the northeastern region of Thailand.

It is now anticipated that Tropical Storm Noru will make landfall in Thailand on Thursday, two days later than originally anticipated. Rainfall will be caused throughout Thailand as a result of the typhoon, although the provinces of Mukdahan and Amnat Charoen in northeastern Thailand are most likely to be directly affected.

According to the Meteorological Department of Thailand, the typhoon will bring torrential rain and flooding to Thailand in a manner that is comparable to the storm known as Dianmu, which struck Thailand a year ago.

Noru was a tropical storm that originated in the Pacific Ocean and made landfall in the Philippines on Sunday and Monday. Flooding on the island of Luzon in the Philippines resulted in the deaths of five people who worked for rescue organizations. The island of Luzon is the most populous in the Philippines.

The Andaman Sea is about to experience yet another monsoon, which will be made worse by the tropical storm. Between the dates of September 28 and October 1, Thailand should anticipate significant amounts of rainfall across the entire country. In every region of Thailand this week, residents are being told to brace themselves for the possibility of sudden flooding.

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