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Thailand’s Data Centre Boom: Thosaphol Pengsom Leads the Charge in APAC’s AI Economy Race

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In the vibrant and ever-expanding digital cosmos, the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region has emerged as a powerhouse, commanding a whopping 40% of the global data centre colocation market in 2023, with a remarkable IT capacity of 10,233 megawatts (MW). This dynamo is not showing any signs of slowing down, with Structure Research’s crystal ball forecasting an explosion to 19,069 MW by the enchanting year of 2028. While Malaysia and Indonesia are riding high on this digital wave, Thailand – the ASEAN’s silver medallist in GDP – finds itself tangled in a web of policy and regulatory conundrums. This entanglement poses a cinematic cliffhanger: Will Thailand triumph and grab its slice of the burgeoning Artificial Intelligence (AI) Economy pie?

AI, with its magical prowess, is not just another brick in the wall. It’s a game changer, a pivotal force energizing economic growth from both demand and supply angles. Imagine a world where AI weaves into the very fabric of our daily lives, a testament to its transformative power. Heroes of this narrative, like Nvidia, flaunt their might with a jaw-dropping market value of 1.83 trillion USD, underlining the pivotal role of data centres – the sanctuaries where cloud service providers and content platforms converge and flourish.

In a plot twist, the Thailand Data Centre Council (TDCC) has emerged, brandishing its sword, ready to slash through the thicket of policies and regulations. This gallant assembly, rallying together government forces, cloud magicians, and content alchemists, dreams of an oasis that lures international investors with its promise of prosperity.

Enter Thosaphol Pengsom, the new sheriff in town, er, the newly minted Chairman of TDCC. With a resume sparklier than a New Year’s Eve fireworks display – think former Vice Minister, Vice President of the Ministry of Energy, and the crown jewel, Former Chairman of the National Big Data Institute – Thosaphol is no stranger to the digital frontier. His rallying cry? “To invite and embrace the cloud service titans – Alibaba Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform – making Thailand their home away from home, a haven for their data centre ambitions to soar.”

The TDCC, under Thosaphol’s sage leadership, has unveiled a master plan – a roadmap to digital nirvana:

  • Policy Refinement: A quest to weave confidence into the heart of the data centre industry, wielding the power of expedited regulatory reform. The aim? A swift slicing through the red tape, trimming time to market, and pruning unnecessary costs. In a grand alignment with the government, clear guidelines shall be drawn, creating a fertile ground for cloud and data centre titans to thrive and capture the glittering AI growth opportunity.
  • Sustainability & Renewable Energy: A harmonious dance with the energy realm, aligning on the hymns of renewable energy, reflecting the rhythmic growth of an industry intoxicated with hosting GPUs. Sustainable practices shall not be mere whispers in the wind but loud declarations of intent.
  • Workforce Development: A grand vision of incubating and nurturing talent, transforming the education landscape to forge masters of data centre arts. From short sprints to marathons, training and internship programs shall bloom, in alliance with government stewards, enriching the ecosystem with skilled warriors.
  • Mediation and Advocacy: As the bridge builder, the TDCC will champion the cause, turning challenges into opportunities, weaving confidence among foreign investors, all for the glory of Thailand and its people.

With the Bank of Thailand’s oracle eye foreseeing a 3.8% growth in the economy by 2024, the government, in a display of strategic prowess, is channelling its energies into seducing data centre investments. These digital forts are revered as catalysts for Thailand’s economic renaissance, beckoning a future where Thailand not only competes but leads in the digital age.

The TDCC, birthed in the hopeful dawn of January 2024, through a sacred Memorandum of Understanding between five founding behemoths, stands as a beacon of ambition. Its mission? To catapult the data centre sector into stardom, anchoring it as the cornerstone of Thailand’s digital infrastructure, propelling the nation towards a future shimmering with digital opportunities.


  1. TechSavvy21 February 23, 2024

    Thailand truly stepping up its game in the data centre and AI economy is fascinating! But, isn’t focusing too much on digital infrastructure risky? I mean, what about other sectors of the economy?

    • DigitalNomad101 February 23, 2024

      Good point, TechSavvy21! But diversification doesn’t mean neglect. Strengthening digital infrastructure could actually boost other sectors by improving efficiencies and driving innovation.

      • EconBuff February 23, 2024

        Exactly, DigitalNomad101! Plus, the global digital economy is expanding. If Thailand can get a slice of that pie, it could mean more jobs and a stronger economy across the board.

      • TechSavvy21 February 23, 2024

        I see your points. I guess my worry is putting too many eggs in one basket. Still, the potential benefits do sound promising if executed rightly.

  2. GreenFuture February 23, 2024

    I’m all for digital growth, but what about the environmental impact? They mention renewable energy, but is there a solid plan for sustainability?

  3. CloudWarrior February 23, 2024

    As much as I admire Thosaphol Pengsom’s vision, I’m skeptical about the timeline. Regulatory reforms and attracting big cloud services sound ambitious. Can they actually pull it off?

    • PolicyPundit February 23, 2024

      Valid skepticism, CloudWarrior. However, remember, with the right leadership and commitment, regulatory challenges can be navigated. Pengsom’s track record suggests he might be the catalyst Thailand needs.

    • Skeptic123 February 23, 2024

      Agreed with CloudWarrior. Remember, it’s not just about policies but also about execution. Thailand has a history of slow policy implementation. Time will tell.

  4. DataDude February 23, 2024

    Nobody’s talking about the cybersecurity aspect. Expanding the data centre industry means a bigger target for cyber attacks. How is Thailand preparing for this inevitable challenge?

    • CyberGuru February 23, 2024

      Great point, DataDude. Cybersecurity is crucial. It doesn’t say much about it in the article, but ideally, this would be integral to the training and workforce development strategies mentioned.

      • DataDude February 23, 2024

        Hope you’re right, CyberGuru. It’s an aspect that’s often overlooked until it’s too late.

  5. AI_Skeptic February 23, 2024

    All this talk about AI being the future. But aren’t we rushing too blindly into this? AI’s not all rainbows and sunshine. What about job displacement and ethical concerns?

    • TechOptimist February 23, 2024

      AI does pose challenges, AI_Skeptic, but it also offers solutions. It’s all about balancing innovation with regulation. Ethical AI development is possible with the right frameworks.

      • AI_Skeptic February 23, 2024

        Hoping for a balance is one thing, achieving it is another. We’ve seen how tech giants operate. I remain cautious.

  6. EduEntusiast February 23, 2024

    I’m excited about the workforce development part. Nurturing talent and aligning education with industry needs could really empower the youth and stimulate job creation in Thailand.

  7. InvestorJoe February 23, 2024

    Is Thailand really poised to be a major player in the data centre and AI markets, or is this too optimistic? The competition is fierce, especially from its neighbors.

    • MarketMaven February 23, 2024

      It’s ambitious, InvestorJoe, but not unfounded. Considering Thailand’s strategic location and efforts like these, it has a clear shot if it plays its cards right.

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