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Thailand’s Electronics Ambition: Aiming to Lead in PCB and PCBA Industry by 2025

Imagine a future where Thailand isn’t just a tropical paradise with scrumptious food and breathtaking views but also the crowned jewel of Southeast Asia’s burgeoning electronic industry. The country is abuzz with ambitious plans to become the leading force in the advanced production of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) and Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBA), the very heart and soul that give life to our beloved smart devices.

Envision the Chief of the Board of Investment (BOI), Narit Therdsteerasukdi, championing this futuristic visage. He paints a vivid picture of Thailand as the top pick for global PCB and PCBA powerhouses to set up shop, leaving competitors like Vietnam and Malaysia trailing behind. Amid the high-tech scrabble and the furor of trade wars, Thailand shines as a beacon of security, ready to dispatch PCBs and PCBAs from its high-tech bastions to the world.

“Tech frontrunners are seeking havens of stability and sustainable operations, and Thailand checks all the boxes, with a side of neutrality,” affirms Narit. Imagine factories springing to life at a moment’s notice—Thailand’s ready for action.

It’s not just about leading the global charge in electronics export for Thai officials. In a symphony of collaboration with the Thailand Printed Circuit Association (THPCA), BOI is orchestrating an investment magnet, fine-tuning local suppliers’ savvy to keep Thailand’s competitive edge razor-sharp.

Peering into the future, Narit forecasts the potential of Thai suppliers to climb the value chain to realms of wafer production, innovation, and product development. “Our incentives are the crème de la crème for investors,” he posits, “but now, it’s time for grassroots action to amplify the prowess of Thai suppliers.”

Numbers speak volumes, and the BOI’s tally shouts of success: 106 PCB and PCBA projects with 150.56 billion baht flirting with investment promotion from November 2018 through November 2023. Only last year, a whopping 96 billion baht worth of electronics ventures queued up for BOI’s blessings.

Titans of the electronic trade like Delta Electronics and KCE Electronics swell their presence here, and new tech-giants-to-be like Zhen Ding Technology are gazing towards Thailand with keen interest.

Amid these milestones, THPCA’s spearhead Pitharn Ongkosit thanks stars for the alliance with BOI and champions the clarion call for nurturing industry talent. “Our thriving $1.4 billion electronic circuit board industry aims to leap to a whopping $8 billion by 2025,” he envisions, propelled by over 30 prospective investment projects in Thailand.

And let’s not forget about THECA—the Thailand Electronics Circuit Asia extravaganza! From July 24 to 26, the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre (Bitec) will morph into a crossroads of innovation for PCB and PCBA manufacturing solutions. With over 300 exhibitors and 4,000 delegates, the event is earmarked to evolve into an electrifying meeting of minds.

THECA is all set to turbo-charge deals, spark off ingenious ideas, and serve up a smorgasbord of industry trends through its conferences and workshops with global participation eagerly anticipated.

So, there you have it—a glimpse into a Thailand that’s wiring up to revolutionize the electronics industry, inviting the world to plug in and play along. Strap in for a ride into the future, where circuits connect not just devices, but dreams and destinies.

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