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Thailand’s Growth Quality Evaluated in 2024: A Balancing Act Between Innovation and Sustainability

Greetings, conscious citizens and avid readers! Today, we’re diving deep into a revelatory document that’s been the talk of the town – none other than the annual Future of Growth Report 2024. So, rumor has it that the kingdom is trailing behind, taking baby steps when it should be leaping boundlessly in the realm of sustainability development. Intriguing, isn’t it? Let’s investigate where future-oriented minds are steering this ship!

Imagine a scholarly quest that scrutinizes the growth quality in not just ten, not just fifty, but a whopping 107 countries over the twilight of yesteryear. With tenacity, the researchers behind this report delved into reams of data, crunched the numbers, and guess who emerged at the summit of mount excellence? Behold, Sweden! With a stellar score of 71.15, it basked in the glory of the gold medal position, leaving Switzerland (69.49) to capture silver and Finland (68.74) to bag bronze. Not far behind were Denmark (68.57) and the picturesque Netherlands (66.07). But wait, where did our beloved Thailand land with a score of 48.99? Read on!

When the lens zooms into Asia, an interesting narrative unfolds. Thailand, with its tropical charm, finds itself shadowed by the tech-savvy Japan, sitting proudly at 11th globally. Following closely are South Korea (12th), the financial hub Singapore (16th), the vibrant streets of Malaysia (31st), the dynamic Vietnam (36th), and the culturally rich Indonesia (50th). Does Thailand manage to steal the spotlight in any category? Let’s peek over the fence.

Thailand’s moment to shine comes in the innovativeness arena. Surpassing expectations with a score of 47.94, it’s a beacon of creative spark! However, before the corks start poppin’ in celebration, we witness a snag in the sustainability sector. Thailand lags here, my friends, with a humble 40.84—definitely room for greener pastures (pun absolutely intended).

Mr. Wilert Puriwat, esteemed dean of CBS, let it slip on a serene Monday that Vietnam, with its growth quality, has sprinted ahead, leaving Thailand munching on its digital dust. Could Thailand envision a brighter tomorrow? That’s the million-dollar question!

The connoisseurs measured growth quality against a quartet of elements: Innovativeness, infrastructure inclusiveness, sustainability, and resilience. Thailand, brimming with potential, surpassed the global average innovativeness score of 45.2 and even outshined its peers from upper-medium-income countries, who averaged at 39.3.

“Creators of innovations score higher than users,” says Wilert, dropping a knowledge bomb with the subtlety of a mic drop. Thailand is on the brink of glory, and the recipe for success? Patents, patents, and more patents! And let’s not forget a dash of legal seasoning to protect intellectual delicacies.

However, before we raise the victory flag, sustainability scores whisper a tale of required diligence. Thailand, falling below the global average of 46.8 and its economic peers at 44, needs to roll up its sleeves. It’s time for governments, businesses, and locals to link arms and march towards a sustainable horizon, joining other countries who are already striding forward in eco-friendly boots.

So there you have it, an illuminating chronicle of the Future of Growth Report 2024. In the quest for a verdant and vibrant future, Thailand is like the curious underdog in a race against time and innovation. Join us again as we keep an eye on how this captivating story of growth and sustainability unfolds across the globe, one green step at a time!

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