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Thailands History with Cannabis

On June 9, 2022 Thailand made history when it became the first country in Asia to decriminalize cannabis nationally, joining Canada and Uruguay as the only other countries in the world to do so.

However, many people do not realize that cannabis was not always illegal in Thailand. In fact, the country had a long history of cannabis use since pre-written history. Cannabis was used for religious ceremonies and believed to possess medical and magical properties.

The use of cannabis began to wane in the 19th century when British merchants arrived in Thailand and began to take control of the trade. The merchants had a vested interest in opium, and replaced it with hemp, which they viewed as a more profitable crop.

Throughout the 20th century, laws were increasingly passed restricting the use of cannabis. After several decades of strict regulation, Thailand enacted a law in 1934 that made cannabis illegal for the first time.

Fortunately, a growing number of Thai citizens are pushing for change. Many people are recognizing the potential of cannabis as a medicine, and believe it can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions. For example, cannabis oil is being used to treat cancer patients and people suffering from chronic pain, among other applications.

Many experts are optimistic about the future of cannabis in Thailand. The law is not just about decriminalization, but about regulation of the cannabis industry. This will allow for the responsible cultivation and sale of cannabis, creating a safer, more regulated environment. It will also create new opportunities for businesses and citizens to get involved in the industry.

The legalization of cannabis in Thailand is a major milestone in the global marijuana industry, and will be a lasting legacy for the country. With any luck, this move will encourage other countries in Asia to follow suit and pave the way for a brighter future.

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