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Thailand’s Water Crisis Intensifies: Dramatic 10-Fold Drop in Ecosystem-Sustaining Lake Threatens Biodiversity!

Delving into the heart of a significant environmental issue, Jatuporn Burusphat, Secretary of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in Thailand, recently conducted a thorough examination of Bueng Boraphet’s water condition. A startling discovery was made, as the water level has dramatically plummeted to a level ten times lower than the previous year. This drastic drop has spiralled into a water crisis threatening to disrupt the delicate balance of the ecosystem.

Along with Deputy Secretary, Pichit Sombatmak, and a team of concerned officials, Jatuporn undertook an aerial survey of the critical water situation in Bueng Boraphet. For the survey, they employed the ministry’s own helicopter, voyaging across the sky to comprehensively assess the status of the water level. While aboard, they also discussed the progress of the crucial water supply project that spans from the Nan River to Bueng Boraphet, covering the key regions of Thap Krit, Chum Saeng, and Nakhon Sawan.

Jatuporn elaborated on the graveness of the situation by emphasising that the water levels in Bueng Boraphet were depressingly lower than the state in the same period last year, and by no small margin, but by a multiplier of ten. This harsh reality of an unprecedented drought resulted in serious repercussions in this year’s water supply chain.

In response to this critical circumstance, the Ministry of Natural Resources has laid down strategic directives for the Department of Water Resources. They have been charged with the responsibility to fill up the dwindling waters of Bueng Boraphet with an immediate supply from the Nan River. Commenced on August 24th, this crucial effort has already brought in approximately 15 million cubic metres of precious water, with further plans to continue the replenishment operation.

Emphasising the need for damage control on ecosystem and biodiversity, Jatuporn declared their collaboration with the administration of Nakhon Sawan province. Together, they plan to strategically tackle the brewing water crisis in Bueng Boraphet. The primary objective of these coordinated efforts is the preservation of the area’s idiosyncratic features, intrinsic value and rich biodiversity. The plan also integrates measures to mitigate the impacts of the water crisis.

In a parallel development, the Office of National Water Resources outlined a proposal to work hand-in-hand with Phuket’s hotels. The collaborative endeavor aims at curtailing water usage in the tourism sector, contributing towards a more sustainable tourism framework.

The picturesque island of Phuket, renowned worldwide for its vibrant tourism culture, recently organized a forum to address the persistent water crisis that has been plaguing the daily life of its residents. The event attracted an audience of over 300 participants eager to find sustainable solutions for this long-standing issue.

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