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Thamanat Prompow Spearheads Sweeping Waterway Projects in Honor of Thai King’s Anniversary

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In an impressive dedication to His Majesty the King’s sixth cycle anniversary, celebrated fervently on July 28, the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, under the vigilant guidance of Minister Thamanat Prompow, is propelling forward with a grand plan to rejuvenate the nation’s waterways. This ambitious endeavor is set to commemorate His Majesty’s 72nd birthday in a manner most fitting, with a sweeping array of 72 projects that read like a love letter to sustainable agriculture and water resource management. The projects span across the captivating landscape of Thailand, from the north with its lush valleys to the sunbathed shores of the south, featuring the dredging of 24 irrigation canals, the breath of life for the local farms, and the revamping of 21 reservoirs, the country’s tranquil guardians of water.

But that’s not the cherry on top! The initiative promises the construction of 27 new water sources and irrigation systems, heralding a future where water scarcity is but a myth, drowned out by the flowing prosperity these projects intend to bring. It’s not just the Ministry of Agriculture waving the flag for this cause; the Justice, Defence, Interior, and Natural Resources and Environment ministries are joining the parade, pushing forward 10 royal projects in honor of the king. These projects are not just infrastructural feats; they’re a pledge to the Thai people, aiming to shield them from the parched grips of the dry season while sewing seeds of awareness about the importance of water conservation.

Imagine the scene next month—a spectacle where Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin stands at Pa Sak Jolasid Dam in Lop Buri, against the backdrop of ancient lands, to inaugurate these projects. This moment will mark the beginning of a nationwide movement, launching simultaneously in 28 provinces with a spirited vow to reach completion within the year. It’s a narrative of unity, resilience, and an ode to the foresight of those who cherish and champion the cause of water stewardship.

However, every tale has its twists. In Phatthalung, a melodious discord arises, where the chorus of the Water Council, along with the Klong San Daeng Conservation Group and other steadfast waterway conservation groups, echo a note of caution. They stand on the premise that while the ambition is grand, the execution needs a careful ear. At a seminar vibrating with the voices of Songkhla’s Rattaphum district municipal council, local village chiefs, academics, and residents, a consensus was drawn. The dredging, albeit well-intentioned, has birthed pockets of stagnant water, leading to whispers of discontent across the fields and farms. Citing a survey revealing that about 80% of dredged canals across 21 provinces are caught in a still dance, they argue for a pause, a moment to listen to the rhythm of the land and its people.

Pornsak Chumthong, the chairman, sings a song of transparency and dialogue. He speaks of the Klong San Daeng in Tamot district, a project cradled in the arms of Khao Banthat Wildlife Sanctuary, and the need to balance the scales. The call is for public hearings, a symphony of opinions and insights into the merits and demerits of these waterway projects. It’s an appeal to craft a future where the water flows not just in the rivers and canals but in the voices of the people who depend on them, ensuring these projects do not just irrigate lands but also the hearts of those who call this beautiful kingdom home.

This story weaves a tapestry of ambition and caution, of grand visions and grassroots wisdom. It’s a narrative that paints a future bright with the promise of water abundance, but cautious of the paths taken to get there. As these projects unfold, they carry with them the hopes and fears of a nation, a reminder that in every drop of water lies the reflection of a community’s livelihood, culture, and survival. The Ministry’s bold stride towards improving the waterways is not just a tribute to His Majesty the King but a testament to Thailand’s commitment to safeguarding its most precious resource for generations to come.


  1. GreenThumbSi May 26, 2024

    72 projects to rejuvenate waterways sounds like a dream! Kudos to Minister Thamanat Prompow for leading such an ambitious initiative. It’s high time we address water scarcity and support sustainable agriculture.

    • EcoWarrior101 May 26, 2024

      While the initiatives sound good on paper, I’m wary of the execution. We’ve seen similar grand plans fail due to mismanagement and lack of community involvement. How will this be any different?

      • GreenThumbSi May 26, 2024

        That’s a valid concern. However, this time there seems to be a concerted effort from multiple ministries, not just Agriculture. Plus, the call for public hearings indicates a move towards transparency and community involvement. Let’s stay optimistic!

      • CritiqueMaster May 26, 2024

        Optimism doesn’t equate to results. Execution is key, and past performance of such large-scale projects has been less than stellar. I’ll believe it when I see the positive outcomes.

    • SiamSunrise May 26, 2024

      It’s wonderful to see a project that pays tribute to the king while also aiming to improve the nation’s agriculture and water management. This could be a major shift towards sustainable living in Thailand.

      • RealistRaj May 27, 2024

        True, but don’t forget about the potential environmental impact. Dredging and building new reservoirs have their downsides. Hope they’ve planned this with the ecosystem in mind!

  2. FarmerJoe May 26, 2024

    I’m all for improving irrigation, but what about the small-scale farmers? Will they benefit, or is this just going to help the big agri-businesses? The devil’s in the details.

    • AgriInnovator May 26, 2024

      Good point, Joe. But with 27 new water sources and systems being built, it sounds like there’s a real chance for widespread benefit. Let’s push for policies that ensure equitable distribution to all farmers.

      • FarmerJoe May 27, 2024

        Hope you’re right. It’d be great to see these projects bring real change to the grassroots level. We need more than just empty promises.

  3. WaterWatcher May 26, 2024

    Let’s not forget the conservationist’s perspective. Plans like these often overlook the environmental impact. Creating stagnant water bodies can destroy local ecosystems. Proceed with caution.

    • ProjectOptimist May 26, 2024

      While that’s a consideration, technological advancements and proper planning can mitigate those risks. It’s about balancing progress with preservation.

      • EcoDefender May 26, 2024

        Easier said than done. Every action has a reaction, especially with nature. Balancing act or not, the impact on ecosystems isn’t always predictable or controllable.

  4. HistoryBuff May 26, 2024

    Integrating a tribute to the king with such a significant national improvement plan is ingenious. It shows a blend of respect for cultural traditions and progressive thinking for the nation’s future.

    • SkepticOne May 26, 2024

      But is it really for the king, or is it an attempt at political posturing? Seems like a convenient way to garnish support while pushing forward with projects that could have mixed outcomes.

      • HistoryBuff May 27, 2024

        There’s always a political angle, sure. But combining it with genuine improvement efforts doesn’t nullify the potential benefits. Let’s focus on the positive impacts rather than cynicism.

  5. CivicDuty May 27, 2024

    The idea of launching these projects simultaneously across 28 provinces is ambitious. Coordinating such a massive effort will be a logistical nightmare. Can the government pull it off without compromising quality?

    • OptimistPrime May 27, 2024

      It’s a matter of leadership and planning. Thailand has successfully managed massive projects before. With thorough preparation and oversight, it’s definitely possible.

  6. ThePundit May 27, 2024

    A move like this could significantly shift the political landscape. Leveraging such a large-scale initiative to honor the king while addressing critical infrastructure needs is a powerful strategy.

  7. VillageVoice May 27, 2024

    As someone from a small village that might be affected, I just hope the voices of local communities are genuinely heard. Too often, these big projects overlook the needs and concerns of us on the ground.

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