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The general election in Thailand is scheduled for May 7, 2023

Future candidates may launch their campaigns 180 days before the expiration of the current administration, the article claims. From April 3 through April 7, 2023, registration will be open to all applicants. Next year, the registration period for candidates will run from April 3 to April 7, and the official list of candidates will be released on April 14. In case of Parliament dissolves earlier than expected, the EC is also ready. The EC will designate an early voting day on April 30, 2023, to accommodate the Thai citizens who are unable to cast their ballots on the scheduled day.

The general election must be held within 45 days after the government’s term finishes, as required by Section 102 of the Constitution. Within five days of the dissolution, the EC must also publish the election date. It will happen on May 7, 2023. The EC published the general election schedule today since the government’s four-year term is anticipated to expire on March 23, 2023. According to Section 103 of the Constitution, the EC must organize a general election no later than 45 days and no later than 60 days following the dissolution of the government. Later, the EC will announce the norms and regulations that each candidate must abide by. The day of the general election for the following year has been tentatively set for May 7 by the Office of the Election Commission of Thailand (EC).

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