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The governor of Bangkok requests that everyone “plant a million trees”

His most recent deed was to invite Bangkok citizens to plant a million trees throughout the Thai capital. According to Chadchart, there are tree experts on staff in each of Bangkok’s 50 district offices who may advise officials on how to care for the trees. The project would accept applications from Bangkok locals starting the next week, he said. According to Chadchart, 700,000 of the trees have already been planted, but officials want more people to get involved. In order to involve more people in the initiative, the 56-year-old governor now asserts that City Hall is looking for saplings and venues to plant them. The current governor of Bangkok, Chadchart Sittipunt, has frequently voiced a desire to modernize the city. He also raised the issue of the city’s traffic as a major worry and requested a year to look into remedies. Problems like traffic and vegetation are major sources of concern in a crowded “concrete jungle” of a metropolis. Whether Chadchart will be successful in generating solutions is yet to be seen.

Today, Chadchart assisted the Canadian Embassy in tree-planting efforts. “A city with well-kept trees is a city that is habitable,” he proclaimed. Chadchart’s efforts to make Bangkok greener go beyond simple tree planting. He helped with the planting of Bodhi and Ironwood trees in Chatuchak’s Vachirabenjatas Park. After the Canadian Embassy’s function today, he spoke briefly about his “Bangkok 15 minutes” policy.

Since sweeping to victory in the landslide Bangkok governor election in May, Chadchart has made plans for a number of pressing concerns. Everybody in Bangkok will be able to visit a park within a 15-minute stroll thanks to the policy’s goal of creating small public parks. A great public park, in Chadchart’s opinion, should be located close to people’s houses.

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