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The largest LGBTQ+ wedding in Thailand is scheduled for Valentine’s Day

It is anticipated that the Thai-Japanese Bangkok Youth Center event would increase public knowledge of LGBT rights and marital equality. The deputy governor of Bangkok, Sanon Wangsrangboon, praised the event and urged people to participate. Love is limitless. While in power, we will advocate for marriage equality and LGBTQ+ rights. We’ll keep pushing. According to an LGBTQ+ activist, rainbow flags will be flown at the sports complex on Mit Maitri Road in Din Daeng. At least 100 LGBTQ+ couples are anticipated to attend a wedding ceremony in Bangkok on Valentine’s Day. Despite the adoption of the Marriage Equality Bill and the Civil Partnership Bill, Thai law does not yet recognize same-sex weddings, civil unions, domestic partnerships, and unregistered cohabitations. Such events, according to the deputy governor, promote equality for all Thais and attract international tourists. He pledged to make the event successful and straightforward. He reiterated his support for LGBTQ+ individuals. Bangkok Naruemit Pride’s organizing committee planned “Naruemit Vivah 2023,” an LGBTQ+ wedding. At least 100 couples have been invited, including Thais. We will make history by supporting equal marriage as a human right in Thailand and other nations, particularly those that have not yet acknowledged LGBTQ+ individuals.

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