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There are projections of 1.5 million tourists visiting Thailand each month

A roadshow marketing campaign is being planned by the TAT and Phuket Tourism Council with a focus on three Indian towns. With 2.8 million domestic tourists in the first quarter of 2022, the majority of their tourism is still Thai. The Tourism Authority of Thailand’s office in Chiang Mai, however, predicts that the easing of travel restrictions would increase the number of foreign visitors to the well-liked northern region. According to the mayor, less than 700 foreigners were apparently present in the previous year as a result of the epidemic, as contrast to around 1.2 million the year prior to Covid-19. The governor of Chiang Mai anticipates more tourists as the region’s economy expands, even though the number of Covid-19 cases in the north is currently in the single digits. Up to 50% of the international visitors to the beach resort are from Scandinavia, and many of them stay for several months to escape the chilly weather of Northern Europe. It is no longer necessary to have a Thailand Pass to enter the country because the ban was lifted yesterday. Tourism experts foresee an increase in visitors as a result. “I want to make Hua Hin a major job center worldwide. Hua Hin has everything you need. Hua Hin’s mayor launched initiatives to boost travel by offering packages that include, among other things, golf courses, lodging, dining establishments, spas, and wellness activities.

A beach, a sea, and sun are present. Thailand reported a rise in international visitors to 400,000 as a result of the burdensome Test & Go program’s termination in May, and additional restrictions are anticipated to usher in a post-Covid-19 era of tourism. In its effort to increase tourism, the Tourism Authority of Thailand has given Indian tourists first attention. According to forecasts, 200,000 Indian tourists are expected in Phuket by the end of the year. In May and June, Phuket welcomed roughly 50,000 Indian tourists. This optimism is shared by the head of the Phuket Tourism Council, who declares that the demise of the Thailand Pass is great news for Phuket and the rest of the nation. He cites the numerous recent additions of international flights to Phuket, such as those from South Korea and India, as well as the fact that, even though the low season has begun, there are still between 3000 and 4000 visitors arriving daily. Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn, the minister of tourism and sports, has firmly forecast that 1.5 million tourists will enter Thailand each month during peak season, with a minimum of 900,000 expected each month moving forward. The entry procedures will be enhanced for guest comfort. Another element that can persuade people to select Thailand as their top travel destination is the ease of admission. One of the few regions of Thailand that does not now depend on India to increase tourism is Hua Hin, which welcomes expats. With the further lifting of restrictions beginning yesterday, Thailand looks ebulliently forward to the return of tourists after years of devastation brought on by the Covid-19 outbreak. Making Hua Hin a place where people may live and work is the mayor’s goal. It is close to Bangkok and has a sea that brings in fresh air.

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