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This High Season, Thailand is ready for an inflow of international criminals

Thai police worry that a spike in foreign criminal activities may occur during the peak tourist season of October through February. Most criminals who enter Thailand do so under the guise of “tourism.” The Royal Thai Police and 18 embassies around the world have worked together to prepare the quick expulsion of criminals. According to Pol. Maj. Gen. Apichart Suriboonya, a representative for the tourism police, if criminals manage to circumvent border security, Thailand wants to swiftly deport them back to their home country for trial. Embassies on board include those from Austria, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Morocco, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, and Switzerland.

The Land of Smiles has long been one of the leading destinations for the extradition of criminals to the US. Foreign criminals from a wide range of backgrounds, including child molesters, rapists, drug traffickers, murderers, cash-launderers, and cybercriminals, among others, all call Thailand home. Thai police are working with embassies across the world to prepare for the potential that international offenders will manage to escape from detention. In July, Suvarnabhumi Airport apprehended a Chinese man who was wanted by Interpol for transporting Chinese citizens into call center gangs in Laos and Cambodia. Thai officials captured William Dempster, 46, a convicted pedophile who fled from justice in Scotland before being sentenced and entered Thailand in 2014. after eight years on the run in Thailand, he was finally extradited to the UK to face charges. Hopefully, the police’s collaboration with foreign embassies will prevent criminals like Dempster from enjoying an extended period of freedom in Thailand. A well-known beacon for fugitives trying to avoid detection is Thailand.

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