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Tourist Terror in Thailand: Notorious Death Curve Claims Another Victim!

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On the iconic tourism avenue to Doi Inthanon, an unfortunate mishap transpired leading to a tourist vehicle toppling over, causing harm to six travelers onboard. The incident occurred around the timeline of kilometers 32-33 while on the trail to Doi Inthanon, a notable mountain based in the Ban Luang district of Chom Thong situated in the cultural city of Chiang Mai. Astonishingly, the mishap’s severity compelled the injured tourists to navigate through the debris of the damaged Toyota Fortuner vehicle to escape.

The incident unfolded around the twilight hours of the previous day, implicating a black Toyota Fortuner bearing the license plate number 2622 hailing from Chumphon. Reportedly six casualties were recorded including one male and five female travelers. The efficient rescue squad from the Inthanon National Park swung into action conducting a comprehensive assessment, and discovered the somersaulted vehicle around the 32nd kilometre mark of the route 1009.

At the accident spot, observers discovered a female traveler ensnared within the confines of the car, while another woman was found on the exterior. The remaining four managed to safely crawl their way out of the wrecked vehicle, exhibiting great courage in the face of adversity. Miraculously, upon the timely arrival of the rescue team, they found no fatalities at the apparently grim scene.

The most critically injured from the unfortunate incident was swiftly transported through the speedy intervention of the Inthanon National Park ambulance services to Chom Thong Hospital. The timely service was provided around dusk, at approximately 5.50pm as reported by the reputable news source, Sanook.

Quickly following this action, emergency first-aid services were administered to stabilize the injured, aiding the process of transporting the remaining injured passengers to the aforementioned hospital. Transport services for the second through sixth passengers were provided courtesy of the ambulance from the Doi Inthanon reporting station, Chom Thong Hospital ambulance, and the timely service provided by the Ban Luang municipal ambulance. By the onset of 7pm, all victims had been evacuated and were on their way towards medical assistance.

The primary hypothesis surrounding the cause of this unfortunate incident points towards the driver’s lack of familiarity with the intricate and steep layout of the course. The situation was exacerbated by the slippery route on account of recent rainfall. Despite these findings, additional investigations are ongoing to arrive at the precise cause of this regrettable occurrence.

Notably, the location of this incident is a curve notorious for its series of unfortunate mishaps including a previous accident involving a tourist vehicle. This led to the tragic demise of five people on board. The ill-fated vehicle was ferrying a team of mayors from Pathum Thani province when the incident occurred on November 20, 2020.

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