Eliza and Matilda are said to have gone on an afternoon hike to a waterfall and did not return to their hostel that night. The following morning, the squad discovered the young females in the bush. The hostel subsequently requested assistance from the park authorities, and a search was launched that night. They were taken to the park office after the park head reported they appeared to be exhausted.

Park rangers in Surat Thani, Thailand’s southern province, discovered two visitors who went missing the day before. Eliza Rose, 19, and Matilda Cox, 19, became separated in a bush in Phanom district’s Khao Sok National Park. Matilda comes from Northern Ireland, while Eliza is a British national. Last month, personnel from the Phuket Visitor Police and the National Park Service rescued an American tourist who had become trapped in the woods in central Phuket’s Thalang area. The visitor, a 68-year-old guy who will remain anonymous, went missing in the afternoon, but the crew was able to locate him only a few hours later, in the early evening. He had scratches on his leg and was dehydrated, but he appeared to be in good health.

Others have previously become disoriented in Thailand’s jungles and national parks. A German woman who had been missing for seven days in Phuket was discovered safe in the Sirinat National Park on the island’s northern west coast. She was discovered in a helicopter search between Mai Khao Beach and Nai Yang Beach in Sirinat National Park, strolling through the forested areas between the two beaches.

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