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Tragedy Strikes the Airwaves: Beloved Thai Radio Icon DJ Ko’s Mysterious and Heartbreaking End!

An esteemed figure in the radio industry, Trin Ruangkitratanakul, affectionately known as DJ Ko from 106.5 Green Wave radio, descended to a tragic and untimely demise on a fateful Friday afternoon in a hotel located in the heart of bustling Bangkok. The close-knit community is somber over what is speculated to have been a suicide.

At only 36 years old, Trin’s life was claimed by the unforgiving concrete of the neighboring house, situated adjacently to the hotel on the busy Soi Sukhumvit 20 in Klong Toey district. This grim discovery was reported by concerned witnesses around 1.30pm, bringing to light the tragic news, according to Pol Lt Col Kittichet Kitisarn, the chief investigator at Thong Lo police station.

Upon arriving at the scene, police officers and medical first responders found Trin’s body hauntingly still near the kitchen door of the two-storey house. The precinct was palpably chilling as they processed the eerie sight.

Recounting the startling episode, hotel staff revealed that they were alerted by a loud, unsettling noise by the bordering house’s fence. Upon investigating, they came across the gruesome sight of Trin’s lifeless body, forever etched in their memory.

Investigations revealed that DJ Ko had checked into the hotel alone preceding his despairing fall. CCTV footage from the hotel displayed an isolated image of Trin, sauntering alone atop the hotel’s rooftop. Interestingly, the same footage showed him frequenting the fire exit door multiple times before ultimately heading to the rooftop, where he fell to his death.

Scanning the area meticulously, the officers found Trin’s personal belongings — his mobile phone, a blood-stained hotel bathrobe, a keycard, and some cigarettes with a lighter. These led them to surmise that it was a case of suicide, yet they continued to investigate to connect all the dots.

Struggling to come to terms with this tragic loss, his parents and elder sister were left dumbfounded, trying to solve the mystery behind why Trin chose to end his life. His sudden departure cast a dark shadow of doubt over his grieving family, his mother expressed that Trin had no known chronic health conditions nor any work-related issues.

Having achieved the prestigious Nataraja Award for the best radio music and entertainment, DJ Ko left behind a legacy on 106.5 Green Wave radio, celebrating his life through his impactful work even beyond his unforeseen death.

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