Most passengers were struggling for oxygen and missed their planes after being trapped for four hours. The system glitch impacted passengers this morning. The Airport Rail Link is owned and operated by the State Railway of Thailand. Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport and city center were connected in 2021. The train’s doors were unlocked and passengers freed about 5:40 p.m., the guard said. Many Thai internet users said this wasn’t the first time the Airport Rail Link inconvenienced passengers. Thai media reported that trains 1031-1034 were delayed for over four hours between Hua Mark and Baan Thap Chang. Most passengers were panting since the air conditioner broke.

Phaya Thai, Ratcchaprarop (connected with Phaya Thai BTS station). Passengers on Saturday’s Airport Rail Link train to Suvarnabhumi Airport nearly passed out from lack of oxygen. Eight stations are present: Suvarnabhumi Airport, Lat Krabang, Baan Thap Chang, Hua Mark, Ramkamhaeeng, and Makkasan (linked to Phetchaburi MRT station). Many people urged the firm learn from its mistakes and improve its offers. Two stations—Lat Krabang and Suvarnabhumi Airport—wouldn’t have full service. It wasn’t clear if the company will pay travelers who missed flights. Airport Rail Link security said the train system malfunctioned around 2:00 pm. Suvarnabhumi Airport customers had to use vans, buses, and taxis, causing new complaints like long taxi lines. Airport Rail Link’s Facebook page apologized for the delay.

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