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Unbelievable Encounter: Python’s Daring Daylight Invasion into Local’s Pickup Leads to Expert Rescue Operation!

It was indeed an extraordinary day in Chon Buri when locals stumbled upon a rather oversized occupant in a parked pickup truck. The uninvited escapist – a large python, had comfortably found its way into the vehicle during the owner’s momentary halt for a quick pit-stop. Thanks to the adept action of the Tri Khun Tham Chon Buri Foundation’s rescue unit, the snake was safely caught and subsequently escorted back to its natural habitat.

An ordinary day turned extraordinary when a large python was spotted smoothly sliding into a civilian’s pickup near the roadside. This unusual spectacle took place along the Ban Suan-Ban Bueng route in Ban Suan Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chon Buri Province. The poised rescue unit of the Tri Khun Tham Chon Buri Foundation was immediately alerted to the situation.

The site of the unusual encounter was a bronze Toyota Vigo pickup truck, identifiably local with its Chon Buri registration plate number กร 9280. This deserted vehicle was parked roadside, unknowing of the scaly squatter it was harboring in its rear wheel arch. Once the team confirmed the location of the python, they ventured onto a forty-minute procedure of carefully extracting it from the truck using specialized snake-catching equipment, as was reported by KhaoSod.

This opportunist python, measuring over 3 meters in length and weighing nearly 15 kilograms, was placed securely into a bag once caught. This ensured its safe transit to the wilderness, concluding its brief adventure in the human-populated Chon Buri.

Our truck-owner protagonist of this snake saga, Aphirom Nueangjumnong, offered an interesting detail on how it all unfolded. The 52-year-old was on his homeward journey when he stopped for a quick respite, only to spot the python’s sneaky crawl into his vehicle. Choosing not to intervene and keeping the snake’s safety in mind, he didn’t dare to slay it, instead, he chose to promptly notify the rescue team about the situation in his vehicle.

Expressing a light-hearted surprise at the speed and agility with which the python made itself home in his vehicle, Aphirom interpreted this peculiar incident as a positive sign, one that might bring future luck to him. To keep abreast with more of The Thaiger’s intriguing stories from their hometown, interested readers can find them on their Facebook page HERE.

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