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Undercover Raid Shocks Thai Gambling Den – High Ranking Police Officers Face Career Crisis! Stay Tuned for the Revealing Fallout!

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Yesterday under the cloak of the setting sun, precisely at 5pm, an illicit game den tucked deep into the belly of busy Kriangkrai Market which operates in Rom Klao was invaded by a dedicated operation unit from the Department of Provincial Administration (DPA). This gambling hub, notorious for flying under the radar for not less than sixty days, had its operations conclusively interrupted following this crackdown. In the process, law enforcement officers made an impressive haul of about 50 gamblers and 17 gambling administrators who were caught in their unlawful activities.

The reverberations from this sudden crackdown had immediate implications, sending shockwaves far and wide, reaching the top tiers of law enforcement in the Rom Klao Police Station. A swift administrative action saw the leading five officers, who were charged with managing law and order in the area where these behind-the-scenes activities were occurring, promptly allocated new duties. With an investigation currently underway, these officers are temporarily stationed at the epicenter of operations at the Metropolitan Police Division 3 headquarters. These unexpected changes have significantly affected the careers of the commandeering officers of the station, his second-in-command, and the administration overseeing crime suppression, investigative work, patrol and suppression.

Police Major General Saravut Jindakham, acting as the commander for the Metropolitan Police Division 3, personally endorsed the provisional orders, according to the Bangkok Post. The operation, expertly executed by roughly 40 official personnel and territorial defense enthusiasts, was strategically planned and led by the efficient Narong Thipsiri, who currently serves as the acting executive manager of the DPA’s law enforcement hub. The result of this successful operation were primarily due to complaints made by local residents to the Interior Ministry’s Damrongtham Centre, which revealed the ongoing illegal operations in the area.

The gambling establishment, strategically situated on the lower level of a two-level commercial building, was noted for its exciting hi-lo games. The suspected individuals apprehended during this operation, the gamblers, and gambling administrators were taken into custody and transferred to Rom Klao’s police department for further legal action. The unfortunate event underlines the police’s inability to control or abolish illegal gambling activities happening right under their jurisdiction, eventually leading to their punitive transfers.

An intensive investigation delving into the matter is currently in progress. A significant aspect of the investigation is focused on unravelling the potential connections between the gaming establishment and the transferred officials. Remember to stay tuned for the next update from The Thaiger’s live reports by subscribing to our Facebook page HERE.

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