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Unimaginable Outrage: 14-Year Old Impregnated by Fellow Teenager Under Drug Influence – Thailand in Disbelief!

In an alarming incident of criminal nature, a teenage boy of 15 years is facing accusations of sexually exploiting a girl, merely 14 years old, who has been found to be pregnant. This unsettling occurrence surfaced, following the consumption of cannabis. The girl’s aunt, shocked and distressed, brought the incident light, reporting it to the Khlong Luang Police Station, shortly before midday today.

Accompanied by Cholada Butwicha, a representative from the ‘Survive’ page, the victim’s aunt, escorting the traumatized girl, identified only as ‘A’, to maintain her anonymity, lodged a complaint against the heinous sexual assault. Investigative officer Adisak Kotchasak, at Khlong Luang Police Station, had been entrusted with the details of the grim case. Presently, the entire law enforcement machinery is in full swing to bring the five teenage boys, allegedly involved in the incident, to justice.

Butwicha said that the victim’s distraught aunt reached out the previous day to ‘Survive’, seeking assistance after the shocking revelation that her 14-year-old niece was assaulted by some adolescent boys in a haze of cannabis. On that day, though there were five boys in the group, it appeared that two were involved. Age withstanding, these boys face potential prosecution. ‘A’ testified that this horrifying episode unfolded on the night of 13th of August, somewhere between 7pm and 10pm.

As reported by KhaoSod, ‘A’ related that she was heading off to meet a friend when she ran into this group of familiar faces, who seized her motorcycle keys, leading her under duress to a particular house. Once inside, she was cornered by the group of five boys who coerced her into consuming cannabis. Following this, two of them proceeded to sexually assault her, while the others left. The unfortunate event occurred in a house bereft of adult supervision, with the assailants believed to be around 15-16 years in age.

The victim’s aunt had been her guardian since infancy, she was the one who discovered the pregnancy when the girl missed her menstrual cycle. Her apprehensions were confirmed with a pregnancy test. Faced with these youth, the aunt confronted them only to be met with denials of involvement. Overwhelmed, she sought help via ‘Survive’.

In the wake of the incident, Adisak took note of the complaint, proceeding to coordinate with the Pathum Thani’s Ministry of Social Development and Human Security. The coordination set forth an initiative arranging for a comprehensive physical examination of the young girl at Thammasat University’s Chulalongkorn Hospital. This procedure will consequently provide crucial evidence against the accused involved in this despicable act.

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