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Unimaginable Revelation: Thailand’s Digital Content Industry Worth Stuns Global Analysts – Swift Recovery Predicted!

A comprehensive survey and evaluation report was recently announced jointly by the Digital Economy Promotion Agency (DEPA) and various prominent partners like the Thai Digital Content Association (DCAT), the Thai Animation & Computer Graphics Association (TACGA), the Thai Game Software Industry Association (TGA), Bangkok ACM SIGGRAPH, and Atwise Consulting Company. The report touched upon the current landscape of the Thai digital content industry which includes games, animation, and characters for the year 2022. This announcement was followed up with a futuristic three-year forecast.

The report revealed that the collective worth of the Thai digital content industry in 2022 saw an average fall of about 4%. This decline can primarily be attributed to the downfall of the gaming industry, contributing a hefty 85% to the total worth of the industry at about 40,518 million baht. However, looking on the bright side, this industry is expected to bounce back and grow, with the total worth likely to increase to 44,983 million baht by 2025.

The year 2022 witnessed the value of the gaming industry totalling to about 34,556 million baht, marking a 7% drop because of the diminishing number of players and reduced playtime as people gradually adjusted back to their regular lifestyles. Despite these challenges, there’s a glimmer of hope and potential growth predicted for the gaming industry, owing to the development of new gaming experiences and the advent of GameFi or Game NFT, which promises investment and revenue generation opportunities.

Contrastingly, the animation industry experienced an average expansion of 15% in the prior year, with the total worth recorded at 3,936 million baht. Thailand holds the reputatation of being a crucial outsourcing location for animation and CG/VFX tasks, primarily servicing orders from China, Japan, South Korea, Europe, the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Canada.

The character industry during 2022, burgeoned by 26%, with its total worth standing at 2,025 million baht. This advancement is credited majorly to tourism resurgence and an improving economic state. Nevertheless, a pressing concern for the character industry remains the underwhelming awareness concerning intellectual property and copyright issues.

In an unprecedented move, DEPA and its partners have incorporated the e-book industry into their survey. In the last year, the e-book industry reached a total worth of 3,712 million baht. This growth is primarily driven by the evolving lifestyle of contemporary consumers who value convenience and want unrestricted, omnipresent access to content without necessitating the burden of carrying around physical copies. The behaviour of the younger generation, who tend to create content and distribute it across web platforms like Web Novel, E-book, E-comic, and Webtoon, further contributes to this growth.

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