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Unknown 911 emergency call is actually a monkey

Route the monkey discovered the park’s phone while investigating the zoo’s golf cart. Without issuing the formal warning that comes with the first infraction of the law, the monkey was released.

Sheriff’s deputies from San Luis Obispo County located the caller after tracing the call to the conservation zoo. He played about with the phone and unintentionally dialed 9-1-1, which dispatched police to the zoo. Deputies made the decision to look into the strange 911 call. Routine, a cheeky Capuchin monkey, is thought to have made the call. When emergency dispatchers took a 911 call they thought was an emergency, the line went dead. Route the Capuchin monkey ought to be aware that calls for non-emergencies result phone penalties starting at $50. Social media users were informed by the San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Office about the curious Capuchin monkey who accidently dialed 911 emergency dispatch. American law enforcement officials responded to a 911 call made by a zoo monkey three and a half hours north of Los Angeles.

The incident happened at Zoo to You, a wildlife conservation park in Paso Robles, California, around 30 minutes and 320 kilometers north of San Luis Obispo and famous for its vineyards and military aircraft museum. There were no callers or distressed people present when they arrived. Marcel, Ross’ pet monkey on Friends, is a capuchin monkey. Monkeys are curious and study anything they come across.

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