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Pracha Pliensri’s Chonburi Paradise: The Disc Golf Haven Among Coconut Groves

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In the heart of Chonburi’s Bang Lamung district, nestled amidst the lush greenery of a 20-rai coconut orchard, lies a sports venue with a twist that would make even the most traditional golf enthusiast do a double-take. Welcome to Pracha Pliensri’s realm, where the game of golf meets the world of flying discs. Since its inception in 2020, this disc golf course, aptly set within the Fasai Iko Coconut Garden, has become an oasis for those seeking an alternative sporting experience.

Among the swaying coconut palms and the gentle buzz of community life near the Takian Tia locale, Pracha has masterfully transformed his once touristic coconut orchard into a vibrant hub for disc golf aficionados. As of now, this innovative sports complex boasts a growing membership of 30 spirited souls, with an interesting twist: they all hail from shores far beyond Thailand. From the chilly expanses of Sweden to the picturesque landscapes of Finland and the tulip-adorned fields of the Netherlands, international players gather here, sharing a common love for this unique blend of precision, power, and the great outdoors.

But what exactly is disc golf, you ask? Imagine the age-old game of golf, but instead of swinging clubs and chasing after tiny balls, players wield frisbees with the finesse of a skilled archer. The objective remains unchanged – to complete each hole in the least number of throws possible. Players launch their discs from a designated teeing area, aiming for a metal basket that serves as the hole. With each throw, hopes soar and spirits either lift or plummet, until the disc finally clangs into the basket, signaling victory or the need for another try.

The pulse of the garden truly quickens with the arrival of international tournaments, the most recent of which saw 45 competitors vying for the title of disc golf champion in December 2023. Amidst this global assembly, a mere eight local athletes stood their ground, showcasing the growing but still budding interest in disc golf amongst Thais. These tournaments aren’t just about the sport; they’re a melodic fusion of cultures, camaraderie, and the shared thrill of competition under the tropical sun.

For Pracha, the journey from coconut husk dye workshops to hosting high-flying disc golf tournaments has been as surprising as it is fulfilling. The Fasai Iko Coconut Garden’s evolution from a community tourism site into a disc golf haven is a testament to his vision and dedication. Visitors initially drawn to the garden for its eco-friendly dyeing lessons and culinary adventures with coconut milk have found themselves captivated by the allure of the disc golf course that now sprawls invitingly across the property.

Open daily from the break of dawn until the sun dips below the horizon, the course welcomes enthusiasts and curious onlookers alike. An entrance fee of 200 baht promises a day of unlimited throws, laughter, and the chance to mingle with a diverse community of players. For the more committed, membership plans offer extended access to this disc golf paradise, with options ranging from a month-long affair to half a year of unfettered play.

And yet, the charm of Pracha’s venture extends beyond the fairway. The garden remains a sanctuary for those intrigued by the traditional uses of coconut, from the art of dyeing fabric with its husks to the culinary delight of cooking with its milk. The shelves of the onsite shop brim with community-crafted treasures – coconut soap that whispers tales of the tropics, lip balm that kisses with a hint of nature, and garments colored with the essence of the orchard.

In a world where the novel and nostalgic seamlessly intertwine, Pracha Pliensri’s disc golf course stands as a beacon of innovation, community, and the enduring allure of play. Here, amidst the coconut groves of Chonburi, the spirit of disc golf flies high, inviting one and all to partake in its joyous dance.


  1. GolfPurist78 April 8, 2024

    I still don’t get why people would choose disc golf over traditional golf. It’s like choosing a knockoff over the real deal. Traditional golf has history and class that disc golf can’t match.

    • DiscMaster April 8, 2024

      You’re missing the point. Disc golf is more accessible and promotes exercise and enjoying the outdoors without the elitism and cost barriers of traditional golf. It’s a sport for everyone.

      • GolfPurist78 April 8, 2024

        I understand the accessibility aspect, but calling traditional golf elitist is a generalization. Sure, it’s expensive, but it also supports economies and communities worldwide.

      • FrankJ April 8, 2024

        Accessibility is key. Not everyone can afford the luxury of traditional golf clubs or course fees. Disc golf opens up the sport to a broader audience.

    • TinaSmith April 8, 2024

      I think there’s room for both sports. Each offers a different experience and attracts different crowds. Why not enjoy both?

  2. EclecticEco April 8, 2024

    What a fascinating use of coconut orchards for integrating sports and nature! It’s refreshing to see such innovative uses of land that previously focused on tourism.

  3. Wanderlust April 8, 2024

    This place seems like a hidden gem! I’m always looking for unique experiences when I travel, and Pracha Pliensri’s disc golf course in Chonburi sounds perfect.

    • LocalGuide April 8, 2024

      It’s indeed a unique spot. If you’re planning to visit, try the coconut soap from the shop. It’s amazing and supports the local community.

  4. Skeptical April 8, 2024

    This sounds like a fad. How long before people get bored of throwing discs into metal baskets? I doubt this has the staying power of traditional sports.

    • DiscFanatic April 8, 2024

      Disc golf has been around since the late ’60s, and its popularity only continues to grow. With the low startup costs and the ability to play in multiple environments, it’s anything but a fad.

      • Skeptical April 8, 2024

        I had no idea it’s been around that long. Maybe I’ll give it a try before making further judgments.

  5. HealthyLiving April 8, 2024

    Beyond the sport, it’s impressive how the community benefits from the coconut orchard, from eco-friendly products to culinary experiences. It’s a model of sustainable living.

  6. BoundaryPusher April 8, 2024

    It’s initiatives like this that showcase how sports can be so much more than just games. They can be a force for community, sustainability, and cultural exchange.

  7. John THC ~ Hemp Dog April 8, 2024


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