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Pracha Pliensri’s Fasai Iko: A Unique Disc Golf Oasis in Chonburi’s Coconut Garden

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Welcome to the serene and unexpectedly thrilling world of Pracha Pliensri’s Fasai Iko Coconut Garden, where the gentle swaying of coconut trees harmonizes with the spirited flights of flying discs. In the heart of Chonburi’s lush Bang Lamung district, this unique disc golf paradise has been catching the eye of adventurous souls since its inception in 2020.

Imagine stepping into a sprawling 20-rai coconut orchard turned into an eco-friendly playground. Here, Pracha has ingeniously woven the traditional charm of Takian Tia community tourism with the buzzing excitement of disc golf, creating a sanctuary not just for the body, but for the soul. While the garden only boasts 30 official members—mysteriously, all hailing from distant lands—its allure has been growing by leaps and bounds, particularly among international circles.

And let’s talk tournaments! Picture this: December 2023, a crisp, sun-kissed morning where 45 fervent disc golf enthusiasts gather, their eyes gleaming with competitive fire. Though the majority were globe-trotting adventurers, a proud eight locals also threw their hats—err, discs—into the ring. This fusion of cultures, bound by a love for disc golf, is what makes Fasai Iko Coconut Garden stand out.

But what is disc golf, you ask? Envision traditional golf’s elegance, its green fairways, and gentle putting greens. Now, replace the quiet clink of clubs and balls with the vibrant swoosh of colorful discs cutting through the air. The goal? Navigate each hole with the least number of throws possible, aiming to land your faithful disc in the awaiting basket. The challenge lies not just in strength, but in strategy, precision, and a touch of grace.

Disc golf here is an adventure that begins in the teeing area, launching your disc towards the horizon, watching as it dances with the wind, curves, and dips, ideally nestling into its target. Missed? No worries. The beauty of this game is in the journey, each throw a new step towards victory, until the triumphant moment when the disc falls through the basket. Victory, sweet victory, amid the backdrop of nature’s symphony.

Pracha’s vision transformed what was once a simple coconut orchard, known as Fasai Iko, into a bustling hub of community and sustainability. Since 2016, locals and tourists alike have ventured to this oasis not just for the disc golf, but to immerse themselves in a world where coconuts are more than just a drink. Here, they learn the art of dyeing fabrics with coconut husks, cook with coconut milk, and even brew a unique cup of coffee.

The Disc Golf Course at Fasai Iko has become a cultural melting pot, drawing enthusiasts primarily from the chilled landscapes of Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, and beyond, eager to swap snow for sun and experience this unique blend of sport and culture.

Open from the crack of dawn at 8 am until the sun dips at 6 pm, the opportunity for endless fun is as inviting as the entrance fee—a mere 200 baht grants you an all-day pass to this disc golf heaven. And for those looking to make this a regular retreat, memberships are as friendly to your wallet as Pracha is to all who enter his garden—ranging from 1,000 baht for a month to a half-year pass at 2,500 baht.

But fear not, if disc golf isn’t your calling, the garden’s heart beats with more than just flying discs. Dive into dying and cooking classes, all while surrounded by the gentle giants of the garden, the coconut trees. Take a piece of this sustainable paradise home with you with their range of community products, from coconut soap and lip balm to shirts and scarfs dyed using the very essence of the garden itself—coconut husks.

So, whether you’re a seasoned disc golfer, a curious traveler, or simply in search of a slice of tranquility, Pracha Pliensri’s Fasai Iko Coconut Garden awaits. Here, under the shade of coconut trees, amid laughter, learning, and the love of disc golf, you’ll find a community where every visitor becomes part of the family. Welcome to paradise; welcome to a story waiting to be told.


  1. TropicalWanderer April 8, 2024

    I’m all for unique experiences, but turning a coconut garden into a disc golf course? Seems like a weird mashup. Aren’t there better uses for this land?

    • DiscGolfLover April 8, 2024

      Why not combine leisure and nature? It’s innovative and sustainability-focused. Pracha is onto something special here.

      • EcoWarrior92 April 8, 2024

        Exactly! It’s about reimagining spaces for multiple uses. This approach supports the community and keeps the land productive. Love how it blends sport with local culture.

    • TropicalWanderer April 8, 2024

      Fair points. I didn’t consider the sustainability angle. Plus, supporting local culture is a big win.

  2. GreenThumbGina April 8, 2024

    Can we take a moment to appreciate the eco-friendly aspect of this? Using the land without harming it is a beautiful approach. Also, the community learning opportunities sound amazing!

  3. UltiMike April 8, 2024

    As a disc golf enthusiast, the idea of playing among coconut trees sounds like an absolute dream. The terrain and wind must add an interesting challenge to the game.

    • LocalYokel April 8, 2024

      Wonder how the locals feel about all these foreigners coming in to play. Is it really beneficial for them, or does it cater more to tourists?

      • BangLamungBuddy April 8, 2024

        Speaking as a local, Pracha’s project has brought attention and income to our area. It’s great seeing new faces and sharing our culture.

        • SkepticalSarah April 8, 2024

          Income is good, but at what cost? Hope it doesn’t lead to over-tourism and ruin the tranquility for locals.

    • FrisbeeFred April 8, 2024

      Got to agree with UltiMike. The unique setting must make for some memorable games. Would love to see this sport embedded in different cultures around the globe.

  4. CultureVulture April 8, 2024

    It’s refreshing to see creative tourism ideas like this. Blending sports with learning opportunities about local crafts and sustainability is genius. More reasons for people to visit and appreciate!

    • TravelBlogger101 April 8, 2024

      Totally writing a blog post about this. It’s important to showcase eco-friendly and community-centric places. This could set a trend!

  5. BudgetBackpacker April 8, 2024

    200 baht for an all-day pass is such a steal! Affordable eco-tourism? Sign me up.

    • EconoTraveller April 8, 2024

      Right? And the membership fees are pretty reasonable too. This could be a great model for sustainable attractions worldwide.

  6. ArtisanAlex April 8, 2024

    I’m curious about the dyeing classes with coconut husks. Does anyone know more about this process? It sounds fascinating!

    • CraftCurious April 8, 2024

      I think it involves using the natural tannins in the husks to create dyes. It’s a traditional method, so I assume it’s eco-friendly and gives beautiful, earthy tones.

      • ArtisanAlex April 8, 2024

        That’s really cool! I love eco-conscious crafts. Thanks for the info.

  7. CuriousCat April 8, 2024

    Does anyone else feel like this might lead to a lot of litter and potential harm to the coconut trees? Wonder how they manage waste and environmental impact.

    • GreenPioneer April 8, 2024

      The article mentioned it’s eco-friendly, so they likely have measures in place. But, it’s definitely something to watch; responsible tourism is key.

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