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Unlock the Door to Millions with Historical Thai Lottery Insights: Astonishing Trends from Decade-Long Draws Unleashed!

As the annual October 1st lottery draw nears, lottery enthusiasts are marshalling their number analysis arsenal, poring over historical figures from past decade’s draws to get a glimpse into winning patterns. The breakdown of the October 1st, 2022, draw saw the first prize number emerging as 484669. This winning sequence encompassed the three-digit prefix numbers 206 and 996, the three-digit suffix numbers 278 and 194, capped off by the two-digit suffix number of 50.

Flashback to October 1st, 2021, revealed the first prize winning number as 578171. The intricate sequence neatly tied in the three-digit prefix numbers 285 and 361, coupled with three-digit suffix numbers 379 and 449, and a two-digit suffix number of 83. Move further backward in time to October 1st, 2020, the triumphant first prize number was 837893. This embraced the prefix numbers 594 and 757 and suffix numbers 110 and 595, all sandwiched by a two-digit suffix number 59.

In remembrance of the lottery draw on October 1st, 2019, the first prize number shone brightly as 691197. This celebrated sequence harmonised with prefix numbers 392 and 920, and suffix numbers 797 and 606. Strumming along was the two-digit suffix number, 59.

Memories from October 1st, 2018, vividly crowd the canvas with the first prize number thrusting its way into the limelight as 452643. The canvas came to life with prefix numbers 594 and 726, and colored suffix numbers 810 and 561. The gleaming two-digit suffix number was 99.

Drifting back to the first day of October in 2017, we find the crowning first prize number at 880714. Standing alongside it gallantly were prefix numbers 611 and 726, and suffix numbers 462 and 952. The valiant two-digit suffix number flapping proudly was 52.

Looking at October 1st, 2016, the record books highlight the triumphant combination as 887102. Standing shoulder to shoulder were prefix numbers 280 and 194, suffix numbers 458 and 017. The legion was lead grandly by the two-digit suffix number 33.

Reaching further back into the annals of October 1st, 2015, we find the victorious combination as 594825. In this cortege, the prefix numbers 175 and 918, and suffix numbers 440 and 799 paraded, led by the two-digit suffix number 07.

Dusting the shelves for October 1st, 2014, we find the first prize number as 375615. In this procession, the dignified suffix numbers 251, 086, 159, and 520, followed by the stamped approval of two-digit suffix number 44.

Lastly, let’s travel to October 1st, 2013, an era where the winning number was 647882. A grand presentation of suffix numbers 576, 324, 650, and 028 followed, with the number 14 tying everything together.

Such a diverse pool of statistics serves as a treasure trove for the lottery fans, providing key insights into number patterns and trends for the October 1st draws of the previous decade. Fortune favors the brave, so go ahead and buy that ticket! For more of The Thaiger’s intriguing stories, check out our Facebook page HERE.

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