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Unlock the Game-Changing Secret of Somsak Jantrakul’s Farming Triumph: From a Humble Rubber Planter to a Respected Cultivator and Trendsetter!

From the humble rubber plantation to bountiful greenhouse gardens, the tale of Somsak Jantrakul is a testament to the sheer transformative power of innovative farming. Hailing from Khuan Kalong District in Satun Province, Somsak’s journey from a straightforward rubber plantation farmer to an illustrious figure in the field of agricultural success stories is nothing short of inspiring.

Somsak drew a line under his previous venture as a rubber plantation owner and dove headfirst into the challenging world of vegetable cultivation. Much to his surprise, this bold departure from his comfort zone proved to be a golden goose, significantly elevating his income and problem-solving acumen.

His initial strides into this new realm involved supplying vegetables to local supermarkets. As his efforts started gaining recognition, the supportive agriculture office of Khuan Kalong showered him with funds, shaping his dream of setting up his own greenhouse for unique melon cultivation. An unforgettable saga of trial and error began as Somsak undertook three rigorous rounds of melon cultivation, wrangling with four exquisite varieties: Sanwan, Yok Kao, Rainbow Sweet, and Golden Egg. What ensued was a success story featuring two standout contenders: The Sanwan and Golden Egg, with each cultivation circle raking in an eye-popping 40,000 baht per round. A triumph indeed!

Digging deeper into his victorious harvesting journey, Somsak shared his love for his two chosen varieties. Cradling a vivid orange, sweet and mellow flesh, the Sanwan variety certainly draws a picture of tropical paradise. The Golden Egg, on the other hand, enchants the palette with its unique golden skin, sweet taste and impactful fragrance – a sensation akin to chewing on jelly and packed with health-promoting antioxidants, vitamins and zero cholesterol. These wondrous melons, which weigh between 2 to 2.5 kilogrammes each, retail at 100 baht per kilogram, proving yet again the profitability of Somsak’s pursuit.

The battle against the melon’s primary enemy, the fungus, was an uphill task. But with thorough monitoring during soil preparation, planting, and post-planting, they reigned victorious. A gem of wisdom from this journey was the controlled usage of water prior to harvesting to enhance the melon’s natural sweetness – a masterstroke shared by none other than Chiriyaphon Angsaprab, agricultural promotion expert and integral supporter of Somsak’s courageous journey.

Alongside Chiriyaphon, Thanaswat Phimsen from the Khuan Kalong’s agricultural office stood as a pillar of support, emphasizing the health benefits and local weather compatibility of the handpicked Sanwan and Golden Egg varieties. This journey hasn’t just reaped financial rewards; it has propagated knowledge and paved the way for keen learners. Given the farm’s triumph in meeting safety standards, anyone interested in uncovering the secrets of melon cultivation can connect and learn more through a simple phone call at 080-036-8055 or via Suan Phak Ta Waan’s Facebook page.

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