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Unmasked: Secretive Child Prostitution Syndicate Busted in Thailand! The Shocking Truth Behind the Trio of Female Traffickers!

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In a highly successful law enforcement operation, five individuals have been placed in custody by the Royal Thai Police in eastern Thailand, charged with grave crimes including human trafficking and forcing minors into prostitution. The surprising twist in the tale is that three of the apprehended suspects are women of ages 19, 20, and 28. Through a Twitter account, they were deceptively enticing underage girls into a life of sexual exploitation, operating in the Rayong province.

In a carefully planned undercover operation headed by Police Captain Sararut Kwengsopha, who oversees the Prevention and Suppression Division, the police were able to come to the aid of an unfortunate fifteen-year-old girl. This was made possible through the collaboration of Deputy head Surapong Chatsut and Major General Pattanapong Sripinprau, the division’s second in command, among others. They managed to expose and apprehend the key players of this criminal ring, namely, Phaphimon (20), Parichat – or “Nuk” (28), and Thanita – also known as Dokee, a Myanmar national (19). These women face a number of sex-related offences alongside their grievous charges of human trafficking and child prostitution.

Not stopping there, the swift action by the police further led to the capture of five male suspects – Wuthiphong (24), Arwat (34), Siriwat (28), Watsiri (33), and Pongsak (40). Investigations are currently underway concerning their potential part in child exploitation and prostitution, as their association with the three aforementioned women was discovered.

When speaking to the press, Major General Pattanapong revealed, “Following their arrest, every suspect confessed to their involvement in child prostitution. Each transaction with a child would earn them 500 baht (equating to US$14). This exploitation has been happening for an alarming span of over two months.” The depth of their deception was truly brought to light when after further scrutinization of the case, the officials stumbled upon two more victims, 14 and 16-year-old girls, respectively. Both girls corroborated their involvement with Thanita or Dokee in being forced into sexual servitude.

The case further escalates as police officials broaden their investigation to seek out other potential clients, suspects who might have victimized these minors. To this end, arrest warrants for thirteen additional suspects have been issued. Major General Pattanapong stated, “This investigation is very much active. We are determined to deliver justice to every last individual involved in this criminal operation. That includes not only the middlepersons but also the customers who exploited these minors.”

All the suspects have been referred to the Investigation Officer of the Prevention and Suppression Division to face the legal consequences of their actions. The Royal Thai Police continue to urge the public to follow their updates on their latest operations and investigations through their new Facebook page HERE.

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