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Unveiled: Thai Company Takes the Lead in Animal Welfare with a Historic Win at Asia’s Good Farm Awards – Uncover the Revolution!

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A remarkable landmark in animal welfare was achieved on 16th of November in the lovely setting of the Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel. It was there that Compassion in World Farming staked its claim in Asia, by launching the inaugural Asia Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards. The main idea? To give due recognition to those Asian-based food companies that have significantly enhanced animal welfare in their supply chains, either by implementing forward-thinking policies now or by making future commitments. The message for other businesses was clear – follow this leader.

In this grand assembly of champions of animal welfare, 19 awards were distributed across three Asian powerhouses: Thailand, Japan, and China. The majority of these awards, precisely 16, were focused on the critical areas of higher welfare eggs and broiler chicken production. Notably, these awards alone could potentially improve the life quality of over 25 million animals. But it didn’t stop there. The event’s glitz was heightened with three additional trophies for the 2022 Good Pig Production Award winners.

If we break down the ceremony’s major highlights, one real gem becomes apparent. Thailand’s poultry industry was given a significant boost with the presentation of the Good Chicken Award to a local company, marking a first in the country’s industry. Rounding up the awards ceremony, eight companies (three from cool Japan and five from booming China) earned the much-coveted Good Egg Awards. For China, there were more cheers all around, with six Good Chicken Production Awards, one Good Egg Production Award, and three Good Pig Production Awards finding their proud owners.

Prioritizing welfare even before the ceremony, Compassion organized the inaugural meeting for the newly formed Thai Broiler Producer Working Group. Here, key players converged to deliberate on the vital importance of adhering to the Better Chicken Commitment’s high welfare requirements. Thailand, as a significant chicken supplier for European food businesses, is under greater pressure to meet these standards, given the unyielding commitment of European firms to high-welfare poultry.

One Thai company blazing the trail in this noble cause is Klong Phai Farm, the first company recipient of the Good Chicken Award. Recognized for its unwavering belief in the synergy between animal welfare and product quality, Klong Phai Farm consistently sources free-range chicken while generously compensating its farmers. This culture not only uplifts the farming community but propels the cause for ethical and sustainable farming practices.

Powerfully echoing these sentiments, Laurent Opportune, Klong Phai Farm’s Managing Director, thrilled with the award said: “Accepting this award feels like a testament to our relentless commitment to both animal welfare and sustainability in practice. In our line of business, true success is gauged by the positive impact we make, and so this award reaffirms our dedication to exceptional quality that upholds the highest standards of animal welfare. It also revitalizes our journey, pushing us to keep breaking boundaries and setting new standards towards a better environment and the welfare of animals.”

The awards ceremony was certainly not left to be just solemn speeches. Highly anticipated was a delightful cooking demonstration by the 2020 Iron Chef Thailand winner, Chef Julien Le Breton. He expertly whipped up mouth-watering dishes featuring products from Klong Phai Farm for guests to enjoy.

Speaking at the event, Dr Tracey Jones, the Global Director for Food Business at Compassion in World Farming, praised the Thai Broiler Producer Working Group’s first meeting. Approved with zeal was the ambitious expansion of the awards program to countries like Japan and mainly Thailand. All eyes remain fixed on China’s progression, and it’s a harvest season for Animal Welfare Champions.

Compassion in World Farming, an unrivaled international farm animal welfare charity pushes for the betterment of farm animals’ lives by advocacy, lobbying for legislative changes, and fostering positive ties with the global food industry. The esteemed international Food Business program seeks to make food production sustainable by driving transformational changes for farm animals, reducing dependence on animal-sourced foods and inspiring the food industry towards more regenerative, nature-friendly farming.

Interested in joining this commendable drive for sustainable and humane appliance to food production? Discover Compassion’s Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards. Take action and be inspired by leading companies already making a difference in farm animal welfare and sustainable food production: Visit

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