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Unveiled Truth: Thai PM’s Powerful Tribute to Departed Monarch!

In the presence of his spouse, Pakpilai, members of the ruling Cabinet, and key figures from a range of government departments, Srettha took the lead at this significant affair. The event took place within the regal confines of the pavilion situated on the Royal field, a stone’s throw away from the iconic Grand Palace in bustling Bangkok.

The esteemed Prime Minister also extended cordial greetings to the attendees gracing this venerable occasion. Some of the notable individuals present were Paetongtarn Shinawatra, her sister, Pintongta, and their life partners.

The illustrious siblings hail from the family of the previous Prime Minister, Thaksin Shinawatra. He is the patriarch, the leading light behind the governing Pheu Thai Party. Paetongtarn is recognised as one of the likely prime ministerial contestants from Pheu Thai. Alongside Srettha, she is viewed as the prospective successor to the party leadership.

As the day evolved, the diligent PM Srettha presided over a community ceremony, designed to pay homage to the now deceased King Rama IX, at the Memorial Park in Bangkok’s character-filled Dusit district. This emotionally charged memorial service was attended by members of the Cabinet, committed civil servants, and ordinary citizens who had all come together to remember their departed monarch.

Later on at 5pm on Friday, the Prime Minister and his wife were scheduled for an audience with their Majesties, the King and Queen. This was to take place as part of the royal ceremonies celebrating Nawamin Maharat Day at the illustrious Grand Palace.

Notably, the government has recently proclaimed October 13th as Nawamin Maharat Day, or King Rama IX the Great Memorial Day. This is a heartfelt and holistic display of the nation’s admiration for their greatly loved monarch.

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