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Unveiling the Future of Parking: Thailand’s Largest Underground Facility Fully Operational – Prepare for a Mind-Blowing Revelation!

In a recent revelation, Ekkarat Sri-arayayanpong, who holds the esteemed position of the chief of the SRT governor’s office, announced on Monday that the highly-anticipated underground car park would finally be launching its operations to full capacity. He went into the details of the new facility’s functionality, laying out the parking rates which are set to be:

  • Parking will be completely free for the initial 30 minutes.
  • The first to fourteenth hour of parking will cost patrons a reasonable price of 20 baht.
  • If one were to park for 14 hours at a stretch, but not exceeding 24 hours, they would be subjected to a flat fee of 300 baht.

Sri-arayayanpong stated that the cutting-edge smart parking system is equipped with advanced security cameras which automate licence plate documentation, and barrier lifting. The innovative system even has the capability to indicate available parking spots to incoming vehicles.

He highlighted that passengers of the interprovincial trains as well as those frequenting the Red Line have the added convenience of entering the car park from Gates 1 and 4 located on the eastern wing of the station and Gate 5 on the western flank.

To further enhance convenient passage and avoid any potential traffic congestion at the exits of the car park, Sri-arayayanpong stated that parking fees can be settled within the comfort of the passenger building.

The expansive undercover car park, spanning over a massive 72,000 square metres, can accommodate an impressive 1,624 vehicles at any given instance. Thoughtfully, the administration has also incorporated 20 dedicated slots for persons with disabilities. Guaranteeing safety and security of all patrons, the car park will be manned around the clock with trained officials. Supplementing the human presence for seamless security, numerous security cameras have also been installed.

For the convenience of all users, the facility will operate from 6 am through to midnight on all days, added Sri-arayayanpong. This thoughtful move is a testament to the administration’s commitment towards ensuring access to top-notch amenities for its patrons at all times.

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