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US tourist gave 100 dollars to thank Thai woman for her generosity

A woman offered us plastic bags for our clothes. Superb! Thailand.” Before returning to California, Rodriguez wrote Malee a letter. Thai and non-Thai TikTok users liked his videos. Malee’s appearance and raincoat were popular. Rodriguez’s video helped many individuals. Rodriguez thanked her and said he’d see her soon. A California blogger donated a Thai woman $100 (4,000 baht) during a rainstorm. She gave him a poncho. Rodriguez returned to Malee’s treatment on August 26. Rodriguez rewarded Malee with approximately 4,000 baht, even though the treatment only cost 199 baht. Chris Rodriguez from California released a TikTok video of a Thai woman he met near Bangkok’s Chinatown with the remark “Thai folks are the best.” Rodriguez tweeted a video of himself giving Malee a gift on September 5. In the video, Rodriguez gives Malee a new store sign. Malee runs a Mung Ming shop on Yaowarat Road. Mung Ming is a Chinese hair-removal procedure. Chris Rodriguez is a Los Angeles-born travel journalist. 57,200 TikTok, 1,400 Facebook, and 95,800 YouTube followers.

Rodriguez said the English-language materials were meant to attract international clients. In the video, a Thai woman cuts a waste bag into a poncho. She sliced Rodriguez’s face with the poncho. Rodriguez appears in the video. “Everyone asked why I loved Thailand. Humans! We’re getting soaked.

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