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Vaccine Frenzy: Free Moderna Shots at MBK Centre Mall – Bangkok’s Unprecedented Healthcare Initiative!

Deputy governor Tavida Kamolvej recently inaugurated a temporary vaccination facility situated on the 6th floor in Zone D of the renowned MBK Centre shopping mall.

The establishment of this unit, Tavida explained, is the result of a collaboration between the Medical Service Department and the Klang Hospital. Open daily from 9am to 3pm, individuals can receive a complimentary Moderna bivalent vaccine at this walk-in clinic.

To be eligible, individuals must be a minimum of 12 years old and either have received a prior vaccination or recovered from a Covid-19 infection more than three months ago. Additionally, proof of vaccination must be provided. Foreign visitors can also take advantage of the vaccination services by presenting their passports, although fees may apply for non-residents.

This temporary unit will operate daily until May 12 and will reopen for the weekends of May 20-21 and May 27-28. The deputy governor informed that the number of daily Covid-19 cases in the city surged from around 100 before the Songkran festival to over 1,000 following the celebratory event. Tavida attributed this increase to people’s relaxed vigilance during celebrations, as many individuals didn’t adhere to face mask mandates in public areas. However, Tavida reassured that the situation is not overly concerning, as these numbers are comparable to typical seasonal flu infection rates during the summer.

Furthermore, Tavida mentioned that the majority of new patients exhibit mild or no symptoms and can be treated as outpatients, with hospital admissions rising by merely around 10 per day.

On a separate note, Tavida expressed concerns regarding the potential emergence of a new wave of infections when schools commence their second semester on May 16. To counteract this possibility, Bangkok governor Chadchart Sittipunt has directed the creation of vaccination stations in convenient locations such as shopping malls, aiming to extend vaccine access to a broader population. Not only will this help prevent overcrowding in hospitals and local public health offices, but it will also allow foreign tourists to access the vaccines more readily.

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