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Viral TikTok Post Sparks Outrage Over Doctor’s Behavior in Thai Hospital! Unveiling a Shocking Ethical Controversy!

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A dramatic encounter recently unfolded at a Nonthaburi hospital, becoming the focal point of a prominent ethical inquiry regarding the treatment, care and respect received by patients from their medical professionals. The incident wasn’t reported by conventional means, but via a social media post on TikTok, by a user with the tag Lamduanbah. The incident observation quickly caught fire on the internet via a video post captioned, “Ethics is hard to find these days”. This bold declaration sparked an intense online debate focused on topics such as professional ethics and patient care within Thailand.

The contested event happened deep within the bustling Bang Bua Thong market area at a local hospital. Lamduan, a youthful 28 year-old producer, had dutifully accompanied her 75 year-old grandmother to the hospital’s after-hours clinic for a pre-scheduled appointment. But, the atmosphere soon became electric upon the hospital’s misplacement of the grandmother’s medical records. The inability to locate these records culminated in a verbal spat between Lamduan and a on-duty female doctor at the establishment.

Lamduan’s grandmother found herself unable to attain her necessary medication due to the institution’s negligence in handling her records. This led to Lamduan’s deep-seated frustration; expressing her concern that older patients, notably those dependent on public transportation, would face an excessive level of inconvenience if forced to return home to retrieve their leftover medication for review.

After reconvening at the hospital accompanied by her mother later, Lamduan articulated her displeasure concerning the subpar service provided by the hospital and its staff. This tirade of dissatisfaction, as reported by KhaoSod, featured candid descriptions of the female doctor’s perceived lack of empathy and professionalism, particularly towards elderly patients.

As an aftermath of the poorly managed scenario, Lamduan has publicly called for the doctor to apologise to her grandmother, who as a result of the event, is left in a state of distress and apprehension regarding future hospital visits. Lamduan’s mother, sharing her daughter’s sentiment, also chimed in her displeasure regarding the doctor’s behavior. She remarked that the story of her experience was similar to complaints raised from other individuals in the Bang Bua Thong community.

This high-voltage incident has cast a long shadow of doubt on the state of patient care and professional ethics in Thailand’s healthcare system. The local health authority, Nonthaburi Provincial Public Health Office, has issued a statement of acknowledgement concerning the viral incident and presently are in the process of conducting an in-depth investigation. Engaged followers can find more updates about The Thaiger’s latest stories on their brand-new Facebook page.

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