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Watch out for the Phuket vendor selling Spider-Man ice cream

By dressing up as superheroes, an ice cream vendor in Phuket’s central business center makes kids grin. However, the man’s 35-year-old Witoon had a less than happy past. In the midst of the epidemic in 2020, Witoon was left jobless and in need of another source of income. Instead of giving up, he made a slight change in his line of work. As he puts it, he decided to sell ice cream “with a twist.” Witoon now dons a superhero outfit each morning before leaving for work. Whatever a spider can do, Spider-Man does.

Witoon has grown accustomed to the heat despite donning his costumes in the sweltering Phuket sun because this is his daily habit. He used to perform at bars and restaurants for a living, but Covid-19 limits put an end to that. In the past, certain vendors have used this tactic in an effort to draw in more buyers. Spider-Man isn’t always involved. Witoon occasionally dresses up like the Flash or the Hulk. Since potential customers have been hesitant to purchase street food due to the spread of germs, the food industry in Thailand has been one of the sectors hardest hit by the pandemic. In addition to stopping his ice cream motorbike occasionally in front of schools in the Wichit neighborhood, Witoon has been selling ice cream in the Rassada sub-district. Since the pandemic began, Witoon is not the only Thai vendor to dress as a superhero. One inventive strategy used by retailers like Witoon to maintain their company is the sale of super hero costumes.

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