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When a storm hits close to Bangkok, electricity is out and cars are damaged

It’s a wonder that nobody was hurt. The poles struck two cars, a pickup truck and a heavy goods vehicle (HGV). Additionally, the downed polls resulted in significant traffic backups and gridlock, which left many local homes without electricity. In the Tha Thong Lang sub-district, more than ten trees that were near highways also collapsed at the same moment.

The 37 utility poles that toppled over a kilometer along 304 Road in Chachoengsao’s Tha Thong Lang subdistrict of the Bang Khla district were the cause of the mayhem. The left door and side mirror of the pickup were damaged, while the trailer’s roof and left side mirror were also severely dented. There hasn’t been any news on the power pole repair in a while. Before they could get the traffic going again, officers from the Provincial Electricity Authority had to turn off the power and remove the trees from the road. When thunder and power poles crashed to the road’s surface, the HGV driver, Chan Chanmongkon, told the reporters that he was barely 400 meters from his goal at the construction site. Last night’s wind and rain wreaked devastation to areas close to Bangkok, starting a cascade of harm after 37 utility poles toppled on cars and leaving households without energy.

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