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With plastic created from microbes, a Thai team wins an environmental competition

The Thai team won the “Green Manufacturing” online competition final last month, defeating 15 other teams. Delta Electronics (Thailand) holds the Delta Cup competition to uncover green technology potential. AI analyzes data to improve HVAC energy efficiency based on building occupancy.

Mahidol University challenged 101 teams from China, Taiwan, India, Thailand, and Vietnam in the 8th Delta International Smart & Green Manufacturing Contest semifinals (Delta Cup). Two Thai teams won. Researchers invented a gadget that converts mechanical vibrations into electrical energy. A conveyor then moves the products to warehouses. Team F-Embedded from Burapha University won again with “Smart Green Living”

Mahidol University’s Team Gaia won for their “Carbon Polymerising System.” The project collects data on visitor usage and HVAC energy use. Team Olo Plus from Kasetsart University won second place for “Re-electric Warehouse” Polyhydroxybutyrate transforms carbon dioxide into biodegradable polymers (PHB). To generate eco-friendly, biodegradable, and waste-free polymers, more carbon is collected from the atmosphere. Thai researchers made biodegradable polymers using microorganisms and won the competition.

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