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You Won’t Believe This Shocking Twist on a Traditional Thai Ceremony!

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A Unique Rot Nam Dam Hua Ceremony at Big Buffalo Station

Visitors, including local residents and tourists, were pleasantly surprised when they witnessed a unique Rot Nam Dam Hua ceremony for buffaloes at Big Buffalo Station in Sawang Arom district. Traditionally performed for elders, this time-honored water-pouring ceremony was a delightful experience for many who had never seen it carried out for buffaloes.

Buffaloes as the Center of Attention

A 70-year-old visitor shared their surprise, remarking, “This is the first time in my life that I saw a Rot Nam Dam Hua ceremony for buffaloes.” The ceremony, known in Thai as “Rot Nam Dam Hua,” is a practice where scented water is poured onto the hands of elders to express gratitude and seek blessings. Elephants have been involved in such ceremonies due to their significant historical importance as a national symbol. However, performing the ceremony for buffaloes was surely a rare sight for many visitors.

About Big Buffalo Station

Big Buffalo Station, or Manaw Café as referred to by Thais, is a farm and tourist attraction that focuses on raising buffaloes. With a current count of over 100 buffaloes, the farm sells and rents them to farmers and breeders in the region. Notably, Big Buffalo Station has won numerous national livestock competitions and takes pride in owning a trio of albino buffaloes, valued at over 20 million baht. These special albino buffaloes—Mangkorn Fah, Yogurt, and Thong Thae—were also part of the water-pouring ceremony, as visitors eagerly participated in the unique event.

Buffaloes as Benefactors of Thai Farmers

Pawich Chimphlee, the owner of Big Buffalo Station, explained the significance of buffaloes in Thai culture, stating, “The buffalo is a symbol of Uthai Thani and is considered a benefactor of Thai farmers.” Buffaloes hold great economic importance in Uthai Thani’s agricultural landscape, as they have been an integral part of rice paddy cultivation for generations.

In conclusion, the rare Rot Nam Dam Hua ceremony for buffaloes at Big Buffalo Station was an unforgettable experience for visitors. By showcasing the cultural and historical significance of these animals, the event emphasized the valuable role buffaloes play in Thai agriculture and their symbolic connection to the local community.

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