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14 extra Russian flights per week are being added by Aeroflot to Phuket

The extension will add a third daily flight between Moscow and Phuket, raising the total number of weekly flights between the two cities to 14, but the precise start date of these new flights has not yet been announced. Additionally, Aeroflot will start operating two weekly flights from Vladivostock, a port in far eastern Russia, and Novosibirsk, the third-largest city in the nation. The airline will also start running three more flights each week out of Krasnoyarsk, the second-largest city in Siberia with a population of over a million. According to Aeroflot, there will be more frequent direct flights to Phuket. Less than two weeks have passed since Russian airlines made their triumphant return to the island before making this news. The main Russian airline stated yesterday that there would be 14 more flights each week between Russia and Phuket. According to reports, the Russian Consulate in Phuket used social media yesterday to advertise recently purchased flights. Although they could not provide specific dates, they stated that flights would start this month. Russian visitors have much outnumbered those from any other nation at this stage in the month. India, the country with the second-highest population after Russia, has seen a more than threefold increase in the number of people arriving there, whilst Australia has seen a more than twofold increase. The island had 83,428 foreign tourists, with Russians making up 25% of the total. Aeroflot is expanding the frequency of its regular passenger flights to Phuket as part of its winter schedule. The airline intends to increase the number of flights it operates this month to make room for those leaving from other Russian cities. The new flights, which will start the following month, will be added to the current Russian flight schedule. In addition to Aeroflot’s daily flights, Ikar Airlines offers three weekly flights from Phuket to Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport. On Thursdays, Siberia Airlines offers flights from Irkutsk, while on Mondays, it offers flights from Vladivostok and Novosibirsk. A sizable number of Russian visitors are now able to visit Phuket again thanks to the expansion of flight choices, quickly outnumbering the previously dominant Indian tourists. Between May and September, between 3,200 and 4,200 Russian tourists came to the United States on average. The number of people in this category had increased to 23,089 in the previous month.

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