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57k passengers – 49k foreign – arriving at Suvarnabhumi daily

The National reports that out of a total of 57,000 travelers, 49,000 came from different countries. There were 25 international flights that landed in total. However, if that implies that each airplane carries around 2,200 passengers, then this information must be incorrect. According to Flight Statistics, roughly 266 flights are scheduled for Thursday. In a statement issued Wednesday, immigration officers officially confirmed the accuracy of the data. Immigration officers at Suvarnabhumi Airport were able to process 3,500 passports every 30 minutes during the busiest time before the outbreak. As a result, they were able to effectively process the 3,000 international arrivals each hour without having anyone wait outside of the core immigration area. Thailand is experiencing a rise in the number of tourists. Thursday, Suvarnabhumi Airport, which serves as both Bangkok’s principal airport and Thailand’s primary international hub, reported receiving 57,000 international passengers. This number is approaching uncomfortably close to the average number of daily new arrivals previous to the Covid-19 pandemic, which was 60,000.

In contrast, the airport is not nearly as well-equipped as it was the last time new international travelers arrived to manage their arrival. Some arriving tourists have said that the immigration process was tedious and time-consuming, while others have said that everything went easily. It would appear that the experience is time-dependent. However, immigration officials were quick to lay the criticism elsewhere, claiming that their protocols and employees were in good shape, but that language and communication issues, as well as airline concerns, have significantly held down the process.

Passengers have reported long taxi lineups following their arrival, prompting airport officials to request the assistance of Grab drivers and even request additional taxi drivers to arrive. Many people who work in the tourist industry are saddened because they believe that foreign visitors to Thailand have an unfavorable first impression of the country. They have taken to social media to urge all required entities to collaborate as soon as possible in order to facilitate and expedite the process of reaching the target. They noted that the busy season is approaching and expressed optimism that the number of international tourists will continue to climb.

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