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A flight from Azur Air circles Phuket for hours before aborting

Every passenger was required to stay the night in Phuket as the jet touched down at exactly 01:00 in the morning. In addition, there were another two hundred passengers who were awaiting a flight from Novosibirsk to Thailand who was also left stranded. The unique route taken by the plane has not been addressed in any official announcements made by Phuket International Airport or Azur Air, nor has the airline informed the general public about the incident. It flew over the Koh Yao islands in Phang Nga Bay, which is located to the east of Phuket, on many occasions before continuing its journey into the Andaman Sea. There, it continued to do so in a cyclical rhythm for close to an hour before deviating from the pattern, traveling to the south and then returning to the pattern. After circling for a further 40 minutes, the airplane flew back over the Koh Yao islands for another 15 minutes of circling, and then it touched down at Phuket International Airport. The flight was rescheduled for today, but there was no explanation given for the five-hour delay on the ground or the three-hour circling flight. After a 10-hour delay, the flight from Novosibirsk to Phuket was supposed to take off, but a different plane was going to be used because the one that was supposed to take the flight was still in Phuket. The passengers and the media are still waiting for an explanation for the infuriating and puzzling delay.

There is no one who knows the reason why an Azur Air flight that was supposed to arrive in Russia never did. After a five-hour delay, the plane finally took off towards Novosibirsk, but it was forced to turn back before it could cross the Andaman Sea. It made several circuits around Phuket before heading back with around two hundred passengers who had become stuck there. Azur Air flight ZF3750 was supposed to fly for Russia yesterday at 3:50 p.m., but it never took off. Instead, it left the airport at 9:20 p.m., flew around in three different patterns for a total of two hours and fifty minutes, and then headed back to Phuket.

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