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A new route between Thailand and Japan is opened by Thai Vietjet

Before departing for Japan, carefully review the admission requirements as they are subject to change. The first flight from Bangkok was warmly welcomed by the deputy director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand in Fukuoka, Keng Chaivarin, the deputy governor of Fukuoka Prefecture, Ryousuke Shoujima, the deputy mayor of Fukuoka City, Hiroaki Mitsuyama, and the director, president, and CEO of Fukuoka Airport, Testsuya Nagasao. There is only one route that the airline covers between Thailand and Japan. The Vietjet Group also offers three to four flights per week from Hanoi, Vietnam, to Fukuoka and Nagoya. Bangkok serves as the starting point for Thai Vietjet flights that continue to Phuket, Krabi, and Chiang Mai for inhabitants of Fukuoka. With an average flight length of 5 hours and 30 minutes, the airline will run flights on this route three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. A flight from Bangkok to Fukuoka takes departure at 2.05 am and lands at 9.30 am. A flight from Fukuoka to Bangkok will depart at 10.30 am and land at 2.10 pm. The CEO of Thai Vietjet, Woranate Laprabang, issued a statement highlighting the advantages of the new route. Another major step in Thai Vietjet’s network development this year, which comes soon after travel restrictions in many countries were loosened, is the debut of the new Bangkok-Fukuoka service today. In order to improve accessibility and possibilities for residents and visitors from both countries, we are happy to launch the first direct air link between Thailand and Japan. The services that connect Thailand and Japan will be essential in aiding the two countries’ commercial and economic recovery after a protracted period of pandemic disruption in order to meet the rising demand for travel in the area. Each passenger on the maiden flight received a SIM2FLY 5G sim card from Thai Vietjet and AIS so they could stay connected while in Japan. Thai people frequently use the sim card when they travel overseas for both business and pleasure because it is compatible with 32 countries. While group travel is not necessary, all tourists are required to have visas. All tours must be appropriately escorted and have a set plan (even from countries usually exempt) There is no quarantine, no vaccine requirement, and no on-arrival testing for people who match the admittance requirements. The following are the current prerequisites for admission. To enter Japan, foreign tourists must make reservations for authorized trips. Visitors must apply to travel on fully-packaged tours through accredited agents in order to enter Japan.Only “blue” nations are permitted to visit Japan (this includes the US, Australia, and many other countries)

Within 72 hours of leaving, each guest must show proof that they underwent a negative Covid-19 test. Travel insurance that will pay for any unforeseen medical costs associated with COVID-19 is essential.

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