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According to expert research in the United States and Thai regulators, cannabis is a deadly substance for people under the age of 25

Dr. Somsak began by explaining why the ministry supports the legalization of marijuana for regulated medical use in Thailand, paving the way for the current upheaval. Despite proponents’ claims that ‘weed’ or cannabis is not dangerous or harmful to one’s health, a growing body of evidence from the United States suggests otherwise.

According to a highly qualified study undertaken by Northwestern Medicine and the Massachusetts General Hospital in collaboration with Harvard Medical School, recreational cannabis usage causes brain abnormalities in two regions of the brain in younger users.

Dr Somsak Akksilp, Director-General of the Department of Medical Services within Mr Anutin’s Ministry of Public Health, highlighted his worries this week.

At the same time, he stated unequivocally that it should not be used for recreational purposes or by children, young people, or anyone under the age of 25. In the United States, there are an estimated 25 million marijuana users, the majority of whom are adults over the age of 25. The number of people who died from cannabis overdoses increased from 36 in 1999 to 214 in 2014. The main source of concern is the mental health impacts of smoking cannabis or marijuana on younger people under the age of 25.

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