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After the cancellation of the Thail Pass, thousands of Laotian travelers come

At that point, 710 automobiles with foreign license plates were observed entering Thailand. 30,000 foreigners passed through the Nong Khai border gate between May 9 and May 31, according to the head of customs control at the Nong Khai Customs House. An official from the government claims that the Nong Khai checkpoint is the fourth-most frequented entryway into Thailand. Laotians are just one of a select few foreign ethnic groups entering Thailand significantly more frequently by land as a result of the Thailand Pass’ extinction. Thousands of Laotian tourists are visiting Thailand now that Thailand Pass is “resting in peace.” Laotians reportedly go to Thailand to shop, enjoy themselves, and save money on fuel. If more tourists arrive in Thailand this year on land, only time will tell.

According to The Bangkok Post, numerous Laotian vehicles refueled at gas stations in Nong Khai before returning to Vientiane. In the northeastern city of Nong Khai on Friday, the day the Thailand Pass was abolished, 3,618 Laotians arrived. After the Thailand Pass was canceled, the Kingdom is waiting to see how many more Laotian tourists will travel.

They had driven to Songkhla, a region in the south. Prior to Thailand Pass’ collapse, 1,000รขโ‚ฌโ€œ1,500 individuals were passing through the Sadao checkpoint per day on average. Over 5,000 Malaysian visitors arrived in Thailand on the day Thailand Pass came to an end.

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