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Ajinomoto invites young Thais to produce a “Healthy Delicious Menu” to promote a “Eat Well, Live Well” culture

Most people have changed their routines and lifestyles over the previous two to three years, especially with regard to cooking at home. Ajinomoto (Thailand) Co., Ltd. created a cooking class promotion this year called “Delicious and nutritionally balanced diets” to teach students how to make a tasty balanced dinner. In line with the Ajinomoto Group’s mission to become a “solution-providing group of companies for food and health issues by unlocking the power of amino acids to support the healthy lives of people around the world,” we strive to provide “nutrition without compromise” as part of our Creating Shared Value (ASV) policy.

Short-term and long-term health can both be harmed by a lack of food education. In order to assist young people visualize health, Ajinomoto has developed a fun culinary workshop leveraging its knowledge of amino acids and umami nutrition. 50 students from Satri Si Suriyothai School joined the cooking class to perfect their culinary abilities with the dish “Healthy Delicious Soft Omelet.” Bangkok’s Ajinomoto Head Office has the Ajinomoto Cooking Space. A talented young chef named Chef Akradej ‘Benz’ Techakrenee showed and shared cooking techniques during the event. Due to poor food habits and nutritional intake, many Thais are at risk for non-chronic communicable diseases (NCDs). You can follow live and recorded Ajinomoto Cooking events on Facebook at

The majority of Thai youngsters consumed twice as much sodium per day as the WHO recommended, and more than 20% of them were overweight (WHO). Because “food” has progressed beyond basic pleasure, people now eat for health and wellness.

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