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Apocalypse Now! Monsoon Fury Targets 47 Provinces – Shocking Catastrophe Looming in Thailand?

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The Thai Meteorological Department has raised the alarm about an escalated spike in rainfall intensity as a result of the south-western monsoon enveloping the Andaman Sea, Thailand, and the Gulf of Thailand. Consequently, the possibility of sudden flooding and forest runoffs has placed 47 provinces at a higher risk. Local folks residing in the exposed regions are being cautioned about the severe rain and accumulated water, which possess the potential to trigger these hazardous incidents.

The monsoon trough is now being traced over northern Thailand and northern Laos, which is leading to the emergence of a low-pressure belt all along the coastline of northern Vietnam and the Gulf of Tonkin. Concurrently, this is resulting in accelerated showers and several areas being drenched in heavy rain, particularly the north-eastern and eastern regions of Thailand.

For regions located in upper Andaman Sea and upper Gulf of Thailand which are exposed to considerable wind force, the waves of the sea are as high as 2-3 meters. Add an instance of thunderstorm to that picture and the waves are seen exceeding 3 meters. People navigating in the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand are advised to proceed with caution, especially in thunderstorm-prone regions. In the current risky weather, small boats in the upper Andaman Sea and upper Gulf of Thailand should avoid venturing out into the sea.

Looking at the weather forecast from 6am today to 6am tomorrow, there are reports of thunderstorm in the northern regions covering 70% of the region and few areas receiving a good amount of rain. The lowest temperature in these areas is around 23-25 degrees Celsius and the highest being around 29-34 degrees Celsius. The Southwest wind is blowing at 10-20 kilometres per hour, as per KhaoSod reports.

In contrast, the north-eastern regions are also facing thunderstorms with a coverage of 70%, however these regions are expected to get heavy to very heavy rainfall in some areas. Here, the lowest temperature ranges from 23-26 degrees Celsius and the highest temperature is around 30-34 degrees Celsius.

Central regions have a 60% chance of thunderstorm with a likelihood of some heavy rainfall. The temperatures range from 25-27 degrees Celsius at the lowest and up to 31-35 degrees Celsius at the highest.

Moving towards the eastern regions, thunderstorms cover 70% of these areas with a good chance of heavy to very heavy rain in a few spots. The temperature ranges from 25-28 degrees Celsius at its minimum and 28-32 degrees Celsius at its maximum. Strong winds from the southwest at 20-40 kilometres per hour are also observed.

For the western coastline of southern Thailand, thunderstorms with a coverage of 70% and some heavy rainfall are making the headlines today. The temperature across this region is found to be 24-28 degrees Celsius at its minimum and 31-33 degrees Celsius at its maximum, while strong southwest winds are blowing at 20-40 kilometres per hour.

Moving to the eastern coastline of southern Thailand, thunderstorm coverage is around 40%. The highest temperature is 33-34 degrees Celsius and the lowest is 23-27 degrees Celsius.

Finally, for Bangkok and the surrounding areas, thunderstorm coverage is around 60%. The temperature lies between 26-28 degrees Celsius at the lowest and 31-33 degrees Celsius at the highest, with southwest winds blowing at a speed of 10-30 kilometres per hour.

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