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Apocalyptic Deluge in Chaiyaphum! Impending Monsoon Threatens Catastrophic Floods! Will the Locals Sustain?

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In the northeastern province, specific districts have been considerably affected. Notably, Ban Khwao, Chatturat, Muang, Noen Sa-nga, and Khon Sawan have borne the brunt of this situation. The local individuals have been counselled to keep a watchful eye on the water levels, and proactively relocate their precious belongings and livestock to higher grounds, as recommended by the office.

This advice comes on the heels of the provincial office’s mandate to have local administrative bodies primed and ready. They are required to have essential supplies on hand — water pumps, vehicles, necessary tools, and an efficient human force actively available round-the-clock from Saturday, in preparation for potential public evacuations and flood relief operations.

Chaiyaphum, a region dotted with agricultural and residential premises, has been under a deluge since the start of the week. Intense bouts of rain have resulted in water runoffs flowing from the Phang Hoei and Phu Lan Kha mountain ranges towards the eastern Chi River. These mountain ranges lie west of the province, and their water runoffs have been causing the unfortunate flooding.

In a hands-on approach, the deputy provincial governor, Orn-Apha Loweera, along with irrigation officials, set out on Friday to the Bueng Lahan Lake in Chatturat district to understand the implications of the flooding predicament better. In addition to this, officials undertook de-weeding measures at the lake’s point of entry into the Chi River, eliminating any aquatic weeds to prevent clogs downstream that might exacerbate the situation.

Adding to the overarching concern is the Thai Meteorological Department’s forecast for Saturday. The prediction foresees a monsoon trough enveloping a majority of upper Thailand, with anticipated heavy showers in the upper country. Moreover, it predicts extremely heavy rainfall in certain sections of the northern and northeastern regions. With such a prognosis, the department advises residents in these vulnerable areas to remain diligent and prepped for flash floods and water runoffs, particularly in localities in the vicinity of rivers and valleys.

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