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Architect’24: Chana Sumpalung Leads Future of Architecture at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani

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Imagine stepping into a realm where the boundaries of architecture dissolve, allowing creativity and innovation to flourish without limits. This is the essence of Architect’24, a six-day extravaganza set to transform the IMPACT Muang Thong Thani from April 30 to May 5, 2024, into a bustling hub of architectural marvels. With over 1,000 exhibitors and an expected crowd of 325,000 visitors, the event promises to be a sensory overture, unveiling the latest in building technology, design, and sustainability.

At the helm of this architectural odyssey is Chana Sumpalung, the visionary president of The Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage (ASA), who believes that we are navigating through an era where architecture is not just about creating spaces but resonating with advanced technology, sustainability, and social change. The event’s theme, “Collective Language,” speaks volumes about the ambition to transcend linguistic and cultural barriers, inviting attendees to embrace a unified approach to architectural design. It’s a celebration of diversity, innovation, and sustainability, reflecting the dynamic shifts in population and societal needs.

For over nine decades, ASA has been a catalyst for positive change, curating exhibitions and fostering dialogues that aim to enrich society through architectural excellence. Architect’24 stands as a testament to this legacy, offering a platform for showcasing groundbreaking materials and cutting-edge innovations that are shaping the future of the industry.

The expo floor, sprawling over 75,000 square meters, will be a treasure trove of the latest safety innovations, eco-friendly solutions, and energy-efficient marvels. It’s a rendezvous point for thought leaders, visionaries, and innovators from around the globe. Among the keynote speakers are luminaries like Antoine Chaaya of Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Ma Yansong of MAD Architects, and Marina Tabassum, a recipient of the Aga Khan Award, to name just a few.

Co-chairmen Chutayaves Sinthuphan and Kulthida Songkittipakdee have curated an event that not only highlights the diversity of architectural thought across Asia but also brings to the fore masterpieces selected by ASA’s alliances from 22 countries. It’s a convergence of ideas that promises to ignite conversations and inspire collaborations.

The event’s holistic approach to knowledge-sharing is epitomized in the “Collective Experience” – a continuation of the Human Library concept. It’s a space where dialogue transcends borders, encouraging a free flow of knowledge and experience among speakers and participants alike, fostering a sense of community and shared learning.

Asst. Prof. Rattapong Angkasith throws down the gauntlet to architects, designers, and students with the ASA Experimental Design Competition, challenging them to explore the theme of “touch” and unwrap the layers of Bangkok’s architectural identity. It’s a call to action for creative minds to showcase their vision and ingenuity.

The exhibition landscape of Architect’24 is vast and varied, featuring everything from award-winning architectural conservation projects to innovative design awards and educational showcases. It’s a canvas for creativity, where the past meets the future in a vibrant display of architectural prowess.

Supaman Munka, general manager of TTF International Co., Ltd, is buoyant about the expo’s prospects, citing a significant uptick in exhibitor participation and visitor engagement. It’s a clear indicator of the event’s growing stature and its pivotal role in shaping the architectural discourse in Asia and beyond.

The Thematic Pavilion, divided into three showcases, is poised to be a highlight of the expo. From HAS Design and Research’s aluminum grotto that redefines the interplay between industrial materials and natural spaces to PBM’s narrative-driven laminate display, and an ingeniously designed warehouse wall by an anonymous studio, it promises to be a celebration of innovation and design thinking.

And let’s not forget the array of groundbreaking building materials set to be unveiled. From SCG’s vision of future living that harmonizes space and technology, to CPN Plastic Industries’ eco-friendly roofing solutions, and Western Decor Corporation’s micro-structure tiles that mimic nature, it’s a sneak peek into the future of construction and design.

Architect’24 is not just an event; it’s a movement towards redefining the architectural landscape, embracing sustainability, and fostering an inclusive community of designers, architects, and thinkers. Prepare to be inspired, challenged, and invigorated as you embark on this architectural odyssey.


  1. ArchEnthusiast March 23, 2024

    The theme ‘Collective Language’ is truly ambitious! I’m excited to see how these diverse perspectives converge. It’s about time architecture embraced globalization this way.

    • EcoWarrior22 March 23, 2024

      Yes, but I hope it’s not just lip service to sustainability. Conferences talk a big game but I want to see actionable, impactful solutions being showcased.

      • ArchEnthusiast March 23, 2024

        Agreed. The proof will be in the actual technologies and design principles highlighted. Fingers crossed for some real innovation.

    • TechSavvy March 23, 2024

      It’s fascinating to think about technology’s role in modern architecture. I’m particularly interested in SCG’s vision of future living spaces. Tech integration is the future.

  2. Historian101 March 23, 2024

    While the future of architecture is exciting, I hope the conference dedicates time to architectural conservation. Our past informs our future, after all.

    • ModernistX March 23, 2024

      Respectfully disagree. Clinging to the past limits innovation. We need radical designs for the future, not replicas of what we’ve already seen.

      • Historian101 March 23, 2024

        There’s a difference between preservation and replication. Acknowledging our architectural heritage can inspire innovative designs that pay homage to historical styles.

  3. DesignLover March 23, 2024

    I’m thrilled about the keynotes, especially Marina Tabassum! Her work is a masterclass in blending sustainability with aesthetics.

  4. FutureArchStudent March 23, 2024

    Does anyone have advice on how to make the most out of attending these kinds of events? This will be my first big architecture conference.

    • ProfJ March 23, 2024

      Network, network, network! Don’t be shy. Also, attend workshops and competitions if possible; they’re a goldmine for learning and meeting people with similar interests.

    • SketchMaster March 23, 2024

      Bring a notebook or tablet to jot down ideas and contacts. And wear comfortable shoes; you’ll be walking a lot!

      • FutureArchStudent March 23, 2024

        Great tips, thanks! I’ll definitely pack an extra notebook and a pair of comfy sneakers.

  5. SkepticalJoe March 23, 2024

    325,000 visitors sounds like a logistical nightmare. I’m curious how they plan to manage the crowd, especially with COVID still around.

    • OptimistPrime March 23, 2024

      Organizers have been navigating these waters for a while now. Plus, with the event’s scale, it’s likely they’ll implement top-notch safety measures.

      • SkepticalJoe March 23, 2024

        I hope you’re right. It would be disastrous if such a monumental event ended up being a super-spreader.

      • HealthFirst March 23, 2024

        They should consider virtual options for those who can’t attend in person or are concerned about health risks. Inclusion is key.

  6. InnovatorMike March 23, 2024

    The ASA Experimental Design Competition has me excited! ‘Touch’ is such an intriguing theme. Can’t wait to see the creative interpretations.

  7. GreenBuilder March 23, 2024

    Eco-friendly roofing solutions are the need of the hour. CPN Plastic Industries’ initiative sounds promising. We need more companies focused on sustainability.

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